Black Isle Studios Launches "PV13" Fundraising Campaign

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From their facebook:

-- Update #2 -- Why you shouldn't donate.

Something you should think about before donating or telling your friends to donate. You might be the cause of a small number of people sitting in their cramped, dark f****** shelter depressed because they're not sitting in their cramped, dark f****** for real because the world didn't really end.

Got that? Some people won't be happy you're helping.

So, if you have no compassion for those apocaleptics who want it all to come down around our ears (but not theirs), then you probably shouldn't put in a contribution. But if those people, sitting in their ivory dungeons, annoy the hell out of you with their barrels of water, stacks of freeze dried, and smug attitudes, then maybe you should just empty the bank account on this project. Just to spite them.

Create some apoplectic apocaleptics. (Yeah, try saying it out loud.)

Wow. Just wow.
These guys are real class.

So, after violating their contract, which caused V13 to get shut down in the first place, they are now begging people to help them fund a game that they failed to make the first time around because of their own incompetence?

Is anyone else slightly offended? Ohh wait....... the comments say yes!

sad to see a name that was once renowned for making incredible games will be left with a legacy of being a laughing stock

i cant count how many times this article made me say wtf?! as if they have the balls to call their "post apocalyptic rpg" pv13.

for anyone who doesn't know, pv13 was what they were calling the unfinished fallout mmo that died because it was still being made when bethesda acquired the ip. this story has sketchy written all over it if you ask me.

but then again maybe the title just shook me up because i had no idea black isle was "revived" and i've always wanted a multiplayer fallout,

The best part of this whole thing are the FB comments on their page. One guy (who actually works as a software engineer with EA) railed on them:

"In what universe do you go to an investor and ask them to invest without any tangible product or return on investment? This is quite possibly the most ludicrous thing I have ever seen. If you want to get an investment, come with a product I will receive. You are not a non-profit, a place of worship, or other well wishing organization that I can trust will take my money and put it to some good and give me a tax break on top of it all. This is despicable. Get a job."

"They are using a fundraising site instead of Kickstarter because there is no promise of a tangible product or return on investment. They are asking for an investment. What they are giving in return is tantamount to a progress newsletter."

Quoted for great justice!

This just the old Fallout MMO concept "Project Vault 13". Seeing as they lost the rights to the MMO to Bethesda because they couldn't be arsed to actually do anything with Project Vault 13 beyond a project document and some concept art, I will pass on this. I am not mad about Bethesda/Xenimax owning all the rights to Fallout (eg: how they screwed over Obsidian over Fallout: New Vegas), but they are certainly better custodians than Interplay.

Andy Chalk:
Black Isle Studios, which you may remember from such games as Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2

Except for the part where not a single person from the original Black Isle Studio is working at the new "Black Isle"

You can't fucking fool us Interplay, how fucking stupid do you think we are?

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