The Showdown Effect Beta Beatdown Begins

The Showdown Effect Beta Beatdown Begins

It's time to fight to the death - or die trying!

"When your grammar is so bad you have to let your fists do the talking!" That's the kind of line that gets my attention, and that's what appears to be in store in The Showdown Effect, a "2.5D multiplayer action game inspired by 80's and 90's action movies where champions from different eras of time fight to the death." It's fast-paced and bloody but it also appears to have a solid sense of humor, as evidenced by the great new "Beta Cliché Trailer," which touches on just about every worthwhile action movie premise I've ever heard of.

Players will have access to a ridiculous arsenal taken from the big-screen, with weapons ranging from shotguns to lightsabers, frying pans, gauss guns and more. "No explosion is too loud and no bullet dodge is implausible," The Showdown Effect Facebook page says. "The Showdown Effect is all about impaling your friend with nearby broomstick and dropping a 'Stick around' taunt as you jetpack heroically off to the next enemy."

The brief snippet of gameplay on display in the trailer looks pretty cool, although I have to admit that as a fan of classic action flicks, I have a decidedly pronounced bias toward this sort of thing. The Showdown Effect is currently slated to come out in early 2013 but the open beta is live now, so you can go let off some steam at


Looks, interesting...

Well, it's from the makers of Magicka, so I gotta give it a shot.

doesnt interest me but i will say paradox interactive do some of the best game trailers

It is a very neat game to play, like a prettier but less functional Soldat.
I hope that in the Arrowhead tradition this comes with a ton of content as standard, because I know all the later shit will be 10x overpriced.

Well, it's from the makers of Magicka, so I gotta give it a shot.

My thoughts exactly :) this does look fun.

"Fight to the death, or die trying!" is a great tagline.


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