USPTO Suspends The War Z Trademark

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Again, this War Z was made by the same guy that made almost unarguably the worst game of all time: Big Rigs, and he was/is planning on making a sequel.

I'm sure negative attention isn't a big deal for the developer.

Wait is that realy true? I saw a video of Big Rigs and that game is so hilariously bad and broken that they could have only dont that on purpose. Its basicaly a scam (I do see some similarities...).

Someone who made that kind of digital vomit actualy still works in the busyness?

Yep! Both lead producers are Sergey Titov, and it's confirmed to be the same guy.

Just read up on this man, and the more I did the more appaled I was at his work. In this interview here
which was about his part in Big Rigs he claims to only have made and sold the engine, which he had programmed in Ukraine where its nice and cheap. He seems mostly pretty amused by it all, not at all shamed or remorseful of the people who were basicaly ripped off with his engine as pretty much the sole functioning part.

These quotes pretty accurately displays the kind of busyness he does:

Were you responsible for Remington: Big Buck Trophy Hunt in any way?

I've found that guys from Activision/Gamemill made this game, and once again licensed my tech.

So basically my business is:

a) Develop and license tech to game companies. As you may understand, sometimes some companies want to do things cheap and are not willing to pay even 200-300K for an engine.
b) Find cheap development teams in Eastern Europe for US/EU companies.

Funny fact for you - Gettysburg and Civil Wars together sold over 100k copies in USA. Walmart rules!

It takes a true genius to write games that defy all conventional styles of game mechanics.

You're wrong :)
It takes a true genius to sale them !!! That's why I think the Gamemill guys are true geniuses!

(Gamemill published Big Rigs)

Aaand then theres the recent War Z debacle, the realy questionable microstransaction system, the fact theres a 4 hour respawn which you can pay off, the fact you can die again seconds after spawning, the many many reports of censoring on the steam forum, the whole 'you just misread the description...

Basicaly hes a money grabbing con man. Do not buy things with his name on it.

Sergey Titov is a fraud, plain and simple. Until you apply physical pain no fraud will ever admit his crimes.

Not G. Ivingname:
False advertising.

Copyright infridgement.

A really, really, really @#$%ity game.


He's a Russian fraud. For a while, after USSR collapsed and before Putin came to power - there was some obnoxious stuff going on there. there were several examples, among other things, of "games" that were actually disks full of garbage files, aka unusable junk sold as games. This was... Business. And nobody got jailtime or fines for selling nothing as something.
Now times are changing, fines are applied, laws started working (and there are great Russian developers who put those shitmakers to shame) and, having lost their niche, cretins like Titov are trying to pull some frauds of worldwide scale.
Trust me I know how it is, I'm Russian myself. What can I say, I'd rather have guys like him do their thing outside of homeland...
Although he's gonna try the War Z fraud in Russia specifically too (google translate second news post). Only chances are he's getting no luck there too. Unluckily for him when our people spend money on PC games that's mostly on Steam.

Not only that, but they've potentially done "irreversible damage" to the World War Z trademark name.

I think Paramount will have managed that one all on their own once people see the movie they've made.

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