The Escapist's Game of the Year 2012

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This is nothing short of an OUTRAGE!....WHY IS FTL SO LOW ON THE LIST!? I guess it's a good thing I voted for the underdog because apparently it needed the freaking support.

As for really sure what to think about it. Haven't played the game in months and I recently deleted all of my save files for all three games because the ending disgusted me that much, but I'm not really angry that other people still like it. Maybe a little disappointed, but I really can't fault them for it.

...I recently deleted all of my save files for all three games because the ending disgusted me that much...

It is feelings like these that those who did vote for ME3 simply voted and then faded back into the crowd. The like the game, and they support the game, but trying to stand up and support it gets them labeled as "biodrones", "apologists", "casuals", and they don't feel the need to defend something they like against people who have a deep abiding disgust for it. People are wondering why no one is talking about ME3 being their game of the year despite it winning, that's why.

I am very pleased with how well Spec Ops: The Line did. 3rd place among 20 or so games is pretty good! It deserves all the praise it gets.

Mass Effect 3 over Spec Ops the Line and The Walking Dead? Boo I say. Boo!

On the plus side Spec Ops the Line and The Walking Dead didn't do poorly compared to ME3 and they absolutely trounced the rest of the competition so its not all bad.

Edit - Aside from ME3 winnin though, my biggest surprise was that Journey didn't even make top 5.

So the escapists got it right! Awesome. I compltely agree with this choice.

You think with has much hate was typed, said, and spitted ME3 would have been lower. Still its a great game.
Glad my vote BL2 got 7th place.
I bet journey would have been higher, if it wasn't just one the ps3.
And anyone else find it funny that BO 2 got 1/3 of a percent of the votes? How many is that?

Wait, seriously?

After all that, after the constant threads and complaints about it, Mass Effect 3 gets voted game of the year? I don't even...

Ah well, I'm glad my personal GOTY (Borderlands 2) is in the top 10.

I think it got voted as the Game of the Year not so much for its value as a game, but because of how notable it became. I think you can't consider ME3 without considering the fan uproar as well, which has become a part of the overall cultural "package" that is Mass Effect 3.

If the title includes the overall imprint left by the game in the public consciousness then yeah, I'd say it's a decent fit.

Congratulations Mass Effect 3, too bad Kerbal Space Program wasn't nominated.

It's okay, Journey, we all still love you. There were just other games that were amazing as well.

Surprising... you couldn't go anywhere without seeing ME3 SUX SUX SUX!!!1! on here for a while.

Glad TWD got second though! :D

Mass Effect 3 had my vote despite the horrendous ending.

Nice to see the top list so varied.

Well... it wasn't Diablo 3, so there is justice in the world. Amazing really... all they had to do is not fuck it up entirely, and Blizzard would have won. But they did, so they didn't. Spectacular.

And if you enjoy the majority of a game, and hate the ending, it doesn't make the game horrible. Bioware is evil, broke several promises to its players, and completely dumped on them at the end, but people still like NGE and Outlaw Star despite horrible endings. Hell, even one of my favorite series of all time (Avatar: TLA) had a shit ending.

Glad to see ME3 take top billing. Especially since i just started a new play through from ME1 today.

Beautiful game, flawed by that horrible ending, but redeemed completely by the Extended cut in my eyes.

Glad to see other ME fans felt the same

I thought the Escapist community had better taste.

The results for this poll are really only based on the players' favour for the games they actually played. I had only played about half of the games on the list so, for my part, it wasn't an entirely fair survey because half the options were instantly disregarded.

I expect, overall, that more people played Mass Effect 3 than something like Journey simply because it had better media coverage and was on more than one system.

Mark of the Ninja got third to last? I mean, I know not that many people played it, but, I mean.


I also wonder how many people voted in total.

I'm a little disappointed, but not about to rage about it. I think Walking Dead was a better expression of what we'd like to see more of from our game creators, while ME3, by most accounts- putting aside the issue of the ending- is the kind of blockbuster spectacle from which creators are likely to take the wrong message. Not to knock anyone for enjoying it, that way; there's nothing wrong with blockbuster spectacle, and the ME series was a lot better written than many. It's just not where I'd prefer to set the bar.

I also wonder how many people voted in total.

Easy. Simple math can provide the answer if 15 votes is .33% then....

Only 4546 votes? Seems low.

Anyway glad to see that FTL got almost 200 people behind it :D

What? ME3 won? Madness!
I'd rather have Black Ops 2 take the win.

Yay! Now excuse me while I return to the shadows of the silent majority.

I have no problem with the winner but I quit mass effect in 2 when my sniper became a power focused pistol killer rather than a sniper with powers to support the team. I also got pissed about ammo being a power that equips the whole team rather than being able to build each member to have an ammo type that worked well with their powers/weapons. Power that kill shields, give them ammo that kills armor and we have a buster character. I am sure ME3 was just as good as ME2.

Ha! Blops2 got .33%

I'm sad FTL wasn't higher though :(

Well it was FTL, Dishonored, or Spec Ops (as I have not finished Walking dead). Sorry FTL I love you but Spec Ops deserves my vote more? Then there was mark of the ninja and then....

The official community choice for The Escapist's Game of the Year 2012 is... wait for it... Mass Effect 3 by Bioware!

Kind of ruined that line with the huge Mass Effect 3 picture at the top. Oh well.

Anyway, holy crap FTL took 5%? That's great considering it's such a simple little indie game.

And I'm also surprised by Mass Effect 3 winning, with this community being for the majority PC gamers, and Mass Effect 3 being an Origin exclusive, and with the whole day one DLC hubbub, and with the whole crappy ending, and with the whole "it's not an RPG anymore" thing. It must be one hell of a game to have gotten GOTY in this community.

I voted for Xcom, glad to see it did well :) not many games get a second play through with me right after I have finished it, Xcom did.

I thought the Escapist community had better taste.

By better, I take it you mean, the same as yours? I can't see much of a problem with all those top spots really, I enjoyed each of those except Dishonored as I haven't played it yet.

What do you think deserved top spot, I'm curious?

This proves to me that the loudest voices tend to be the minority overall. People who are genuinely happy don't scream about it, they share it with the people that matter most (not forums).

My top ten goes as follows: Spec Ops: The Line, Journey, Walking Dead, XCOM, Dishonored, Max Payne 3, FTL, Mark of the Ninja, Sleeping Dogs and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I am yet to finish Far Cry 3 and Hitman: Absolution, so sooner or later I might add Far Cry 3 to the list.

Interesting considering my personal favorites when I was considering who to vote for was Mass Effect 3, Dishonored and Spec Ops the Line, either I know my stuff or I'm a boring turd, oh well, back to playing Old Republic as the loon I apparently am for doing it if you listen to my friends

It's always a pleasant surprise when this game wins awards. It shows that either people can learn the value of forgiveness, or that the haters really are in the minority. Either thought is good.

The top 5 in general are all worthy choices. The community voted well this year.

Well, I wasn't expecting my vote (Guild Wars 2) to do very well (although it has got several GoTY awards from other sites), however I really enjoyed all the top 5 games I've played, but probably ME3 least of all of them.

I voted for the Walking Dead but Mass Effect 3 would have been second on my top five of the year so I don't mind it winning.

Personally I would preferred if we had selected a top five with our number ones getting five points and so on.

To me, the walking dead did more to advance gaming than ME3, which is why I would put it ahead...except that I felt spec ops the line was the most gutsy shit I've seen pulled on a non indie title in years, so I feel it deserved it the most. I think it was great that it got third though, considering that it wasn't exactly the most popular game, and I could understand why the popular vote wouldn't quite swing all the way for a game with other issues and the fact that it wasn't exactly a "fun" experience per se.

Well that makes it a shitty year after reading the whole game selection... really urgh, thats the votes from the escapist users right? what about a top from the people that writes/makes videos/ect in here? i think it would be better than that crap.

ME3 was 99% awesome and 1% sucky ending - after the EC it was more like a 99.5% / 0.5% split - for me at least. As much as the ending was focused on (and still is) by many people, myself included, I like to think that we didn't forget the sheer awesome that the rest of the game was!

Was hoping that The Walking Dead would snatch first place, but i guess a close second is good enough. And great to see Spec Ops: The Line up there, as well. Tho I admit, i was really surprised to see ME3 winning, after all those threads about it. I mean, there were a LOT of threads about it. But yeah, i guess I´m all okay with the results!

I would like a livestreamed vote recount. How do we know that the counters didn't just take votes from other games and put them to ME3 with a little financial incentive from EA. Or that the counters weren't EA employees!

I'm disappointed ME3 won. It was a good game all the way through (I liked the end) but it does not compare to The Walking Dead or Spec Ops or Journey.

Imagine the writing wasn't bad(along with very very good bits) all the way through, that most of the exposition hadn't been told through three people standing around a table and that they'd given you a reason to care about earth other than it being Earth. Then it still isn't game of the year material because it didn't using it's gameplay innovatively. Here is a question, what do the RPG mechanics convey in ME3? In KotoR and KotoR2 they were about powerful people slowly rediscovering power from isolation and represented an increased connection with the force. In Planescape levelling up was about becoming stronger as you understood your person. In FFX levelling was about Tidus growing more used to the world and more capable in it (FFX is a great example because each characters ability in battle reflected thier personality, Auron was a heavy hitter, Wakka a fun loving guy taking down lighter foes, Yuna a healer, Rikku couldn't fight well but was fast and had flexibility). Even FFXIII understood this and levelling was about giving in to the Fal'cie and excepting more of their gift.

But in Mass Effect? Levelling is just a thing that games have.

Whereas The Walking Dead and Spec Ops understood everything about their mechanics, what every choice, every hint, every screen flashing red meant and used it to enhance their goals and the narrative.

I reckon ME3 won because more people played ME3 and most people won't vote for a game they haven't played

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