Rockstar Drops a Handful of New GTA V Screens

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Now while this is all good and well, the important question is;

Will there be a pc version?

I know they were thinking bout it, and there was a petition, but thats bout it.

If it is the case that this is already confirmed / denied i missed it, oops.

No idea if they are going to release it on PC, but those screencaps HAVE to be from a PC.

The only thing that will turn my head towards GTA V is if they said they were going to release it on PC. If not then Rocksart might as well not exist.

Now I can't wait for Rock Star to hold a Par-tay for the gaming industry, and a week later read all the 100/100 reviews for a tightly scripted game with bad controls.

Lookin' good! In the same way Red Dead Redemption looked good but isn't on PC so I won't buy it. I need to go to bed.

Gotta love the complete lack of PC support from most major devs nowadays.

"Piracy blah blah, draconian drm blah blah, filthy pirates (again) blah blah blah, low sales blah blah"

>Releases buggy unplayable ("for the first six months till we can be arsed on working on a patch") port, with a fucked control scheme.

It seems they don't want my money.. or the money of hordes of PC gamers who would give a left nut to be able to play games like RDR and GTA (y'know... something that's NOT a butchered "port") on PC.

Go fuck yourselves, Rockstar.

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