Terminal Reality Reveals Walking Dead FPS Footage

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Other than the plastic hair, this looks far, far better than the vast majority of video games aesthetically. It actually looks fairly real.

The hair is very jarring, and the faces are pretty bad, but all the other textures I can see look surprisingly good for their polygon count.

Edit: The trashcans are rather terrible, and the cars could use a little bit of work, though. It also looks a lot worse when in the open or looking at things from a distance than in an alley or on a roof.

Well, the game looks terrible in terms of graphical fidelity, the aesthetic looks extremely bland and the animations seem rather stiff and weird. And having nothing to go on but some dude wandering about bashing heads in and chucking bottles to distract the undead, I can only assume it'll be a largely similar affair to other zombie games, at which point, why bother?

I do feel extremely sorry for the development team though, if this game came out and had been good or just slightly better than average, it probably would've gotten a pass for being just "good enough", Simpsons Game got that kind of free ride after all. But now they're in the incredibly unfortunate position of having to compete against TellTale's Walking Dead, which just isn't a fight they're likely to win by any stretch.

Seems like they're in a pretty no-win situation right now.

... yep, looks exactly like L4D.

I suppose it would be a different experience if they incorporated a "one bit kills you, so avoid fights" or a "weapons might get stuck in the bodies" system, but if not... well, there's almost no difference that I can see.

This looks bad, but I wonder how it will handle as an FPS with the melee attacks. I haven't seen one game that does it well.

BTW, guys, why are we comparing this to Tell-Tale's visual novel? I can even barely call it a game with its adventure genre take on the series. The Walking Dead was a good experience, but it wasn't that great of a game. It's one step-up from dating sims in my book.

Wow, great way to get people excited. Such a well made trailer.


Grey Carter:
Developer, Terminal Reality, is known mostly for its silly vampire-vs-Nazis shooter, Blood Rayne.

Um... Wouldn't it be more accurate these days to say "Terminal Reality is known mostly for the generally well-liked Ghostbusters: The Game"?

I mean, seriously, who remembers Blood Rayne these days?

I do! I do!

I liked Bloodrayne back in the day when it was new. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was a horny teenage boy or anything. (Dem skintights.)

I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic here. I want a good survival FPS zombie game. The few that are out there are good, IMO. Also, it's FPS with zombies, stop comparing it to DayZ. They are likely not even trying to do the same thing as DayZ. DayZ is in alpha and in all honestly is not the best game out there. It favors griefing over survival which equals broken game for me and a lot of people. I should hope more DayZ "clones" come out because we may eventually end up with a game that is actually a good survival experience where the biggest threat is not other people.

That said, have any of you been keeping up with The Dead Linger? That is the experience I think, but being so early alpha, it still has to develop quite a bit.

Telltale blew it out of the water, now anything with the walking dead name on it's gonna have to struggle to match up, let alone surpass it.

Oh please, as a method of telling a story Telltale's game was a work of art but that's it, it was the story that won it its place, but as an actual GAME it was total rubbish. The story part gave you multiple choices but the wander round collecting stuff needed to solve a problem to allow you to progress gave you only one option, it used QTEs which even by QTE standards were pretty rubbish.

In terms of gameplay their is a ton of space left for a Walking Dead game that is better than Telltale's game, but since a lot of the driving force behind TWD is the story itself it is one of the few reasons why Telltale's game did so fantastically well. Had it had a different back story but kept the same game play I doubt as many people would be singing it's praises.

As for the footage, saw this a few days ago and it looks bland, pretty generic and frankly nothing too appealing. The hope is that the footage is early Alpha but frankly if it is I don't see why any developer would release it looking the way it does cause it is pretty piss poor looking at the moment.

... It's Dead Island with a different name and less pleasing anesthetics.

We just had Telltale raise the bar like champs.

Just in time for these guys to smack their heads on the bar and fall flat on their backs.


I can forgive a lot in terms of graphics and such if the game puts more emphasis on surviving the apocalypse then on mashing zombies. But given what I've read, that it's about Daryl Merle traveling to Atlanta, I imagine it isn't exactly open and it might even be a sequence of linear levels with objectives.

You know, a walking dead game from the first person perspective could have been great. But instead, they made blops zombies with less weapons. I mean, regenerating health in a zombie game. Talk about missing the point.

1 bite, 1 scratch and you're done for. That's the whole point. You don't go outside on your own, recreating the Benny hill show with a few hundred walkers chasing you round corners.

I am disappointed with this, and I already had low expectations. Poor graphics I can deal with. But poor graphics, dated, ripped and inappropriate gameplay. Completely missing the point of the genre. What's there to like?

Polish up the graphics a little, that hair looked really plasticy.

Animation quality is really bad AT BEST. They move like toys, and really need to loosen up a little.

When the player went into the alley to run away from the Horde, only one Zombie followed him. This means one of 2 things -
1) The remainder of the Horde got stuck on the wall, which shows bad AI
2) The Walkers give up chasing the player really easily, which is a awful mechanic for Zombies.

The Walkers fail to notice the player, even while really close. Arent the Walkers meant to be able smell the living?

It just seems a little too easy, having a "Health" and the Walkers seem to scratch and grab, instead of bite. Daryl isnt immune, and he would get an infection, die, and turn into a Walker like anybody else, it just needs to be a little harder, and punish the player for alerting a Walker and failing to deal with the threat quick enough. TL;DR QUICKER DEATH TIMES FOR THE PLAYER.

Activision produced, existing IP tie-in first-person shooter in "It Looks Shit!" shocker.


Other people being the major threat is what makes DayZ so compelling. If you don't like that then you're not playing the right game, it doesn't make DayZ broken.

Yikes, the dislikes out number the likes by about 2:1. =S

Do you think this will be the first game to be ever be cancelled due to a youtube video?

I actually like it. It seems it can be fun enough, with a bit of polish: I like the distraction thing and it is the start of the year, everybody: for all we know the plastic-haired zombies could just be beta models. Yes, there are actually games that advertise when they are still in beta.

Daryl is probably the most beloved character of what is undoubtedly the most popular T.V. show that is currently on the air. And with the undeniable success of Telltale's offering, this game has a lot to live up to. I don't see it happening.

And while I'm sure the brand power of The Walking Dead will make Terminal Reality a lot of money, if they screw this up the fan boy, and especially fan girl, rage will be fierce. For Terminal Reality's sake I hope they don't screw this up. Though my instincts are telling me nothing good is going to come of this.

regardless of what gamers think of this, it will make money. You're playing as daryl? Yeah his fangirls/boys are ravenous and will purchase this game whatever it's faults. Still those graphics... I don't demand Directx(34x10^23) compatible super computer NVIDAMD eleventybillions graphics cards and cut edge realistic Must-see-every-follicle-of-hair graphics, but those are just shameful.

Captcha; Whatever. The most laid back captcha i've ever seen.

This doesn't look like it's doing anything new and not doing the old very well. I feel like I've got my zombie bases covered with L4D and Dead Island. Most people throw in Dead Rising in there, but I've only played DR2 and I haaaaate having a timed main campaign, so I never finished it. Even though it was fun as hell.

Edit: Speaking of which, maybe I should just find a mod that slows the time for the PC version. Any recommendations?

Grey Carter:
The music, which sounds like someone trying to play the 28 Days Later theme from memory (though I'm told the same track did appear in the original TV series) ramps up as our intrepid hero is chased and seemingly overwhelmed by jogging zombies.

That's what popped into my mind first by the end. An under-whelming weird version of In The House In A Heartbeat put on top of what seems like a very boring and ugly game. I also have to admit the climbing and bottle-throwing animation is also hideously bad.

There is a lot to complain about in that trailer.
But that ladder animation really made me think that the game would greatly benefit from a far cry style of interaction with the game world. I think the zombies would be a whole lot scarier if the game made you feel like you actually have limbs they might bite. Rather then that they are just beating on a floating camera holding an axe.

Oh look "How to ruin the best character in the show 101"!

Nobody messes up Daryl..Nobody!

Uh...I tend to be optimistic but this game has looks like it needs lot more polish before I'd say it's worth a buy. The animations look weird, the zombie kills don't look convincing, and it just doesn't really look interesting.

Looks like it's made on the Serious Sam 3 engine, which is ick. I like how he walked right past that feasting zombie too. I'll admit, this is just a game that I would LOVE to hate. Rightly so. Everyone is going to hate this game like they did with Jak The Lost Frontier, Bioshock 2, and...fuck you know I thought of five examples until I started typing?
My point is, everyone is going to criticize every little speck because it obviously can't stand up to its predecessor. And then there's reasons like 007 Legends and Sonic '06 where it's blindingly apparent that the studio didn't care about the project, and AMC or whoever rushed out to have the game made as quickly as possible by the lowest bidder.

I feel the need to hate it because the license holder switched Dev teams too, what kind of shit is that? I understand they want a new flavor, a new perspective, but IT ALWAYS ENDS BADLY. Not to mention it's kind of unfair to the original team who poured love and care into it.

Sorry, this is kind of my giant red button of opinions. I'm still upset that I can't go back to my childhood where things were COMPLETELY FINE AND WONDERFUL. Yes, of course it was....heheheh. >.>

It doesn't look terrible, but it's far from good; the animations are bad, there's no real sence of the "dark" atmosphere from games like L4D or ZombiU, and the explosion at the end feels like it was tacked on by Activision's marketing department. Still, it could be worse, and with Day Z getting a full game and Telltale's adventure series getting GotY, I think we may see just that in the future...

It's like a pretty Left 4 Dead, but slower game mechanics and no hope of surpassing it's Adventure Game cousin.

Well out intrepid explorer thinks, watching a new Zombie trailer could be worse. Lt. Nefarious, as he was known by all except priests, nuns and tigers, was halfheartedly plodding away at his keys on the Escapist. It was 2 in the morning fuck me he thought. The thread caught his eye and peaked his skepticism. He was a fan of TWD, the show and the game, and the thought of another one was as pleasing to him as the full, red lips of a pricey whore but the game that tood before was not a full juicy £10,000 an hour whore, no, it was a scrawny beast. Trying it's hardest to look pretty but judging my the marks and textures she must've known that, even under the cell shaded make up, her true, abused self shined through. In fact, it looked reminiscent of an old girl friend named Dead Island, not a looker either, nor well built, but s keen and energetic lass with no problem sharing (even if it did mean getting a bit awkward) but this one, TWD, was looking more and more like it belonged on last generations market... TBC

So... Yeah, I am skeptical...

As god awful as this looks and it really does look pretty shabby do we really need to bring out comparisons just because it shares the same name but what we can see it's doing something obviously different from Telltale games version.

It's almost like we're comparing an Apple to an chilli pepper and they aren't even in the same league.

That and the current WD game has been quite over-hyped.

Oh look, another game about zombies. Nothing to see here, move along.

Only a little worse than it's source material. (the show not the comic)

no hope of surpassing it's QTE-collection cousin.

More like it, from what I heard and have seen.

Honestly, most people seem to be very bias about the game because either "it's not like the Telltale game" (No shit, really?), "it looks like L4D" (no, it doesn't because L4D - at least the GOOD one - doesn't have melee-weapons) or bad animations (without even ASSUMING that this could be... ya know... alpha footage?)

Looks horrible, graphics and animation wise. I think Far Cry 3 has really set the bar for what playing in first person should look and feel like.

Looks horrible, graphics and animation wise. I think Far Cry 3 has really set the bar for what playing in first person should look and feel like.

Of course, this was only pre-alpha material and never meant as promotion material. This "trailer" was made by a fan, not by the company. So whatever you may now conclude about the game is wrong, as what you see there has nothing in common with the actual game.

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