Deus Ex: HR Team is Working on Tomb Raider's Multiplayer

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Let's all overreact and say that the game is ruined without actually seeing the game itself! YEAH!

Maybe it's just too early in the morning, but I first interpreted the article header as if the Human Resources department at Eidos has decided to do game production. Time for more coffee...





My interest in the game has more or less dropped to zero.

I dont think you need to call it JUST yet many good single player games had still had the (annoying) addition of multiplayer with (theoretically) no impact on their single player, I don't see why this game nessicaryly has to be the exception (and I'm still optimistic)

its just the very presance of multipalyer and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GAME seemingly having it that makes me roll my eyes

It's not so much that the game couldn't be good, it's that every flaw it has will in my mind be something they could gave fixed had they spent the time and resources working on that rather then the unnecessary multiplayer.

Granted, if the game looks decent then I may end up giving it a chance, but considering that I am not that excited by what I have seen so far (too many mechanics that I know will irritate me) the addition of something I have zero interest in such as multiplayer is only going to put me off more.

Every flaw present within the single-player would be there regardless of the news contained within this article.

Because a completely different team is working on the multi-player.

So no resources are being redirected.

OT: Eh. I wasn't really interested in this game in the first place, and multi-player isn't something that sells me because I rarely, if ever, play it. It would be interesting to see what they do, though, given the style of game that Tomb Raider is. Unless they just go for Uncharted-style multi-player, which is the easy, boring way out.

Hey, how about some Thi4f? Remember Thi4f? How about we work on Thi4f? Dishonored is basically Thief with supernatural powers, THAT did well. So how about we work on Thi4f AND ACTUALLY COME OUT WITH A GOOD SINGLE PLAYER GAME FOR THE PC??


Jesus, what a waste of the DX:HR team.

I woulda thought those guys would be doing better with their time...

Like off the top of my head...

...Another Deus Ex game?

Nah, I'd wait until Warren Spector to get on board with that before they try again.

Also: Why is everybody complaining about Tomb Raider getting a multiplayer mode? I'm willing to say any franchise can be adapted into good multiplayer provided the devs know what they're doing, and the DXHR guys know what the fuck they're doing. They took a classic gem that had yet to be truly replicated and did a pretty damn good job at it. I still like DX2 more, but that's just me being pretentious about philosophical debates. HR is a better game.

Admittedly I would rather have them work on Thief 4, as that game really needs to come out.



whats porting got to do with it? multi platform isnt always abad thing, particually for agame like tomb raider which isnt exactly an RTS or MMO

Oh, I don't think it's a bad thing. I think it can be great. I just meant, to me, their recent efforts on Tomb Raider games seemed more to do with putting a well known franchise on as many platforms as possible for name recognition rather than putting as many good games on those platforms. It gives me the impression that their focus is to scattered. If the product isn't selling how they would like I don't see the answer in this case (given that they've already tried this multiple times) as rebooting via going bigger and wider but rather restarting with a smaller, more concentrated effort which could cost less to make and then rebuild from there once you've re-established things.

I wasn't questioning the porting of games. I was questioning the wide porting of these specific last few games in this series. :) And this is coming from a Tomb Raider fan btw so I want them to succeed. I just think they need to be realistic. A lot has happened since the first Tomb Raider came out. It might never be the juggernaut it once was and I think the planning, development and expectations need to account for that.

So it's going to have completely unnecessary boss fights in the middle of the multiplayer?

This just doesn't make sense, why? Tomb raiders more of a singleplayer experience, I don't want to play it with other humans! Also it makes me worry about the sort of singleplayer game they're making, if it can be easily ported to multiplayer it can't be that innovative.

Any word on the budget being diverted from the SP? Or are they actually pouring more money into this game? If so, what does it matter, just avoid the MP if you don't want it.

Captcha: queen of hearts

Go fish.

Sir Ryan Ward:
Maybe it's just too early in the morning, but I first interpreted the article header as if the Human Resources department at Eidos has decided to do game production. Time for more coffee...

Well, depending on who you ask around here, that might be better than what was actually written and intended. Might ease up a few of the moods around here. Or you might pull a Daystar Clarion and completely derail the thread. Either way, sounds fun!

OT: As with the previous thread to this issue, I pose the same question as before:

Far Cry 3's multiplayer seems really shabby but of all things why does Tomb Raider a game that started off solely as a singleplayer game need to have multiplayer tacked onto it and at the same time a massive waste from the team that made DE:HR because they could be spending their time and effort into making a new DE while Tomb Raider can shape up it's singeplayer and everyone can go home happy.

Honestly in given time businesses will see tacking multi onto everything will look shit and vile but we really need to just go up there and tell them straight that we'd at least like a few single player games to carry on being singleplayer.

Jesus, what a waste of the DX:HR team.

Well if they worked on the single player, they would have outsourced the boss fights anyways.

Actually, co-op survival could be fun.

But let me guess... the biggest mode will be god-damned deathmatch.


So instead of diverting time, money and resources form the Tomb Raider game they are diverting time, money and resources from a dev team that hasn't done multiplayer before and is already working on a game that's got allot more interest than a reboot.


glass is half full time...

If the next game after thief 4 is another deus ex..and the next deus ex will have multiplayer (extending game lifetime&online passes-publishers are seriosuly looking at this)...then eidos montreal is going to do a test run on a game that is already doomed to be rubbish.

Make their mistakes now so they don't wreck other projects...

Seriously though Square Enix is slowly turning shite

Multiplayer in a Deus Ex game.

Please excuse me as I projectile vomit into a trash-can.


Now I do agree that Square Enix is going to shit do you think adding multiplayer to the next Deus Ex is going to solve it?

well, one guy in the Tr forum posted these links:

OXM info about Multiplayer and Single Player (taken from another forum and edited a bit, see more sources below):

Dave Rudden acknowledges that fans will be wary of changes.
But of course comes back to say that after playing it feels the "creation and execution are coming from the right place."
Team Death-match is in.
"A team of Lara's surviving allies pitted against a group of hostile natives cutely referred to as "scavengers.""
Best-of-three matches, alternating between sides.
"An immediate wrong turn out of our cavernous base ... had us sliding down a rocky water tunnel..."
"The maps aren't too wide open"
"Lever-baser traps that shot spikes out of walls, climbable surfaces, destroyable environmental elements (like bridges), and weaponry like Lara's now trademark bow and arrow."
Second game type "Rescue" survivors have to collect a certain amount of med-packs and deliver them to rotating destinations while scavengers must reach a certain kill count.
Rescue gives survivors a "bleed-out" time, that you can cut short with a "brutal" melee finisher.
"Wind Chasm" was the map they played on. Tropical, with traps, vantage points and junk.
Karl "dropped hints about a mode called "Cry for Help," which apparently will place a strong emphasis on discovery and collection." Adventure as opposed to combat game type.
Unclear if any other modes available.
Select from a deep roster of characters.
Different stats and load-outs.
Primary firearm/bow, sidearm, grenade style projectile, climbing axe that serves as a melee.
XP gained can go to altering stats and purchasing more advanced characters.
No Lara in Multiplayer that he saw.
Can chose the same character as a teammate.
Some single player actions have been sped up for sanity-sake.
"[Noah Hughes] goes on to note that while it make seem odd that this historically loner heroine now has a whole roster of companions..."
Goes through the same old campaign points; hanging upside down, falling onto spike, running through cave, Sam, wolf, bear trap, blah blah blah.
Bow can be used to distract enemies.
More QTE's.
"... Lara runs into a group of scavengers that includes a shielded man wearing a steel mask. Gunfire doesn't work on this guy..."

- Dave Rudden, OXM Issue 145 February 2013

Never been big on Tomb Raider but this news makes me even more wary as often the multiplayer dies when the next big game comes out so the single player has to carry the whole game for me. For you fans out there I hope this does not harm the game in some way. Still seems odd.

Hey, how about some Thi4f? Remember Thi4f? How about we work on Thi4f? Dishonored is basically Thief with supernatural powers, THAT did well. So how about we work on Thi4f AND ACTUALLY COME OUT WITH A GOOD SINGLE PLAYER GAME FOR THE PC??

Hush! We need to be sure that we get the death match mode right for thi4f. I mean there is a game calling out for competitive multiplayer.

unless you can play Adam Jensen beating the blood out of all the poor bastards in the tomb raider universe then this was a gigantic waste of talent

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