Big Screen Future For Ubisoft's IP

Big Screen Future For Ubisoft's IP


A Ghost Recon script pitch is in the works, according to the man in charge of Ubisoft's Motion Pictures Unit.

Ubisoft's chief executive of its Motion Pictures Unit, Jean-Julien Baronnet - formerly head of director Luc Besson's EuropaCorp - has been teasing some film projects, among them Ghost Recon. It's Ubisoft's hope that its Motion Pictures Unit will succeed where other gaming properties have failed, and wow gamers and non-gamers alike on the big screen.

An Assassin's Creed adaptation starring Michael Fassbender and a Splinter Cell with Tom Hardy in the lead are the first two out of the gate, but Ubisoft also intends to develop other properties. Rayman Raving Rabbids will get a cartoon series, and a Ghost Recon pitch is in the works.

"If you look at past adaptations of games to movies," Baronnet says, "none were done by an integrated gaming company that put a movie structure inside of itself." It's that twist, of having the company that makes the games retain creative control, which Ubisoft and Baronnet hopes will make the difference. "With so much at stake, it's important we don't give up the DNA of the game, the fundamental pillars," Baronnet says.

"We want to make a movie that will serve the brand," Baronnet says, "and make happy the gamers and also the non-gamers. I think it has never been done before, but we can build this bridge."

Source: Los Angeles Times


Let's just hope it's not too much of a Ghost Retcon.

I actually really like how they want to make movies themselves instead of selling the rights to a director and producers who don't know the subject matter and end up murdering it, aka Resident Evil.

Not a big fan of Ubisoft generally but if they deliver on this I might be forced to reevaluate my opinions, game movies that are actually based on the game and not just using the name? Who'd a thunk it?

Uh... okay. Here's hoping they use Future Soldier and not Advanced Warfighter - the latter would just be another blandly generic modern war movie (albeit with Clancy's particular stamp of xenophobic crazy on it) but the former could be a neat sci-fi flick.

Hey, the Red Faction Sci-Fi channel movie turned out better than all three games, so who knows!

As long as they stay away from an anno 2070 movie, all will be well.
(I'm counting on you, so don't let me down! I'm counting on you, so don't let me down! I'm counting on you, so don't let me down! I'm counting on you...)

Hey, the Red Faction Sci-Fi channel movie turned out better than all three games, so who knows!

As long as they stay away from an anno 2070 movie, all will be well.
(I'm counting on you, so don't let me down! I'm counting on you, so don't let me down! I'm counting on you, so don't let me down! I'm counting on you...)

They might release Just Dance: The Movie instead lol

Serious note, are they ever going to release Rainbow 6 the movie? It seems to be in pre-production as long as Duke Nukem forever been in limbo


I've got a pretty good idea why Ubisoft have decided all of a sudden to get into film making. And it has nothing to do with wanting to see decent films made out of their games, and everything to do with making money.

Hollywood is on a bit of a golden roll right now. Over the last couple of years, there's been a higher concentration of blockbuster movies making it over the billion dollar mark than at any other time in history. Just recently we've had The Avengers, The Dark Knight/Rises, Avatar, Alice In Wonderland, all of which either broke or got within a hair's breadth of a billion dollar gross. Even with films that didn't reach that level, there are still plenty of blockbusters which have taken in far, far more than they cost to produce. Skyfall, the Hobbit (though that could yet break a billion), The Hunger Games, Twilight, MIB3... sure, there have been flops like John Carter, but for the most part Hollywood has been raking in many, many times more than what it's been spending on films. If you want to make money, bankrolling a successful blockbuster is a batter investment than gold right now.

Gaming, on the other hand, is in a horrible place right now where it's costing a small fortune to make triple-A titles, and anything less than several million sales means developers are going to be looking for a new job. Unless you're Activision and have both COD and WOW, the profit margins just aren't the same.

So yeah, from where I'm sitting, it just looks like Ubisoft's accountants went "Fuck, why are we wasting money on games? Films are much mroe profitable!" and are now whoring out their most successful franchises in order to try and get some of that sweet Avatar money.

I know it's completely cynical, and I may well be wrong, but there you go. I'd like it if game developers just stuck to what they're good at, and focused on making good games. Assassins's Creed was designed to be a game, Ghost Recon was designed to be a game, Splinter Cell was designed to be a game. These series gain nothing by having a movie spin-off made for each.

I wonder if they'll get the cinema employees to breath down my neck and glare at me in case I'm a filthy pirate and am watching their film for free even though I have the ticket in my hand.......

Just what Ubisoft games have compelling stories/protagonists anyway? You cant top Das Boot with Silent Hunter: The Movie. I guess AssCreed has fans but haven't they pissed away most of that good-will by flogging a dull dead horse? The Tom Clancy games only had gameplay going for them before they stripped that away...what is left?

Walt Disney the most successful of the big six movie companies

2012 financial year 1st October 2011 - 29th September 2012

Total revenue $42,278 billion
By segment
TV (ABC + cable etc) - $19,436 billion
Parks & Resorts - $12,920 billion
Films (Theatrical, TV licence and DVD) - $5,825 billion
Merchandise & Retail - $3,252 billion
Internet and Games - $845 million

Total operating income $9,964 billion
By segment
TV (ABC + cable etc) - $6,619 billion (percentage of revenue 34%)
Parks & Resorts - $1,902 billion (percentage of revenue 15%)
Merchandise & Retail - $937 million (percentage of revenue 29%)
Films (Theatrical, TV licence and DVD) - $722 million (percentage of revenue 12.5%)
Internet and Games - $216 million (loss)

It doesn't look to me that the film industry is one to go to if you want to make lots of money. It's more like a form of advertising were people pay you to see the advert itself.


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