Metacritic: 2012 Lacked Quality Games

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Timothy Chang:
"In fact, since we started publishing these year-end reports in 2009, we have never encountered such a low total number of great games in a single year." That's not much historical data to go on, but the marked drop in high-scoring games is noteworthy.

Oh, come on. Bad reporting and bad analysis.

Don't bother looking at N's or Counts. They are deceptive.
Sum up the counts for 2010 to 2012 for each system.
By their Measure
2010 2.78% Great games
2011 3.95% Great games
2012 2.80% Great games

Basically, 2011 was a good year for great games., and 2012 just reverted back to Normal.
So what happened? Why is the N so small.

2010 - 647 Games
2011 - 583 Games
2012 - 500 Games

If you remove Nintendo
2010 - 491 Games
2011 - 514 Games
2012 - 447 Games

I'm not even taking into account the margin of error these number should have. But the conclusion is clear. Game development Dropped off a cliff between 2011 and 2012. Game development is only at 86% of 2011 with or without Nintendo's Wii. Saying that this affected great games is like saying Catching a Flu will Give me a Fever. Fewer Great games is a symptom of having fewer games made.

I would have liked to see PC on this list.

But I guess whoever made that graphic up is a jerk :P

7/10 not good enough for you eh?

Im really starting to hate metacritic lately. Most of ratings there are based on first 5 minutes of impression of them game. I would rather be limited to 7/10 - 10/10 ranking of bribed journalists than to take anything from a rating that was created by people who could not be bothere to download 1 MB patch.

In the last year I have noticed two things:

Users repeatedly 'bombing' reviews because of the most inconsequential bullshit.
Reviewers repeatedly giving good games low scores to put their shitty websites on the map.

I really don't like metacritic and I never take their review scores into account when deciding on a purchase, but they're pretty much right here. I mean, there was Spec Ops as the standout in my mind, Far Cry 3 looks pretty good (watched a friend play it for a while) and ME3 and Dishonored were reasonably okay (as were Borderlands 2 and Max Payne 3 to a lesser extent). And I can't even think of anything else that is worth getting worked up over.

At least this year looks like it might be better (assuming we all look the other way when Dead Space 3 nose-dives onto the tarmac in brightly-lit explosion of random viscera). I'm cautiously optimistic about Bioshock, Amnesia and Metro, though I find it sad that the games I'm looking forward to most are all part of established franchises (though at least not direct sequels. Baby steps here)

Really? I would say it has more to do with Metacritic's continually lowering standard on what is considered a 'critic' review.

Considering Metacritic is a joke rivaling that of RottenTomato, they aren't even allowed to guess if 2012 was a good year or not.

while normally i would totaly agree to that, if even me noticed that there were no games i felt like wanting to play (maybe dishonored) this year must have sucked really hard.

*looks up from playing Pokemon White 2 on a pink DSi*

Though it was pretty good, actually.

*pokemon noise*

OOOOOO, a shiny Jigglypuff!

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