Microsoft Says It's On

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Could it be a tolerable Kinect game? Or could it be Games for Windows Live 2? Are they reintroducing Pinball for their next OS?

...Or is it the long-awaited sequel to Age of Mythology?

Actually, I really hope it's the last one.

Hope it's actually something worth hyping...I remember the TWEWY countdown that everyone thought would be a sequel, but it was just an iOS port, the only people who would be excited for the countdown would be people who ALREADY PLAYED IT.

Square did not have their brain cells active when making that...

They better fucking be re-uniting the guys from Ensemble Studios to make one last (real) Age of Empires Game or else there's pretty much nothing that can make this hype be worth it

(No, not even a release window for the 720)

If it still uses the same in-customizable interface, I'll probably pass on a new Xbox. It was good at first, then the game just kept getting farther and the adds bigger. At one of the 360's iterations, I couldn't reach the indie games section, in it's place was kinect games or some crap advertisement. Microsoft made some PC's at some point, right? Just allow the customers to customize the interface and put some advertisements on the side if free online is given, please.

Purble Place 2! :D *From Vanessa*

Can it fit more ads into boxes on the screen? That's the most important part.

Dashboard boxes are so passe! The new Xbox will be so revolutionary it'll feature adverts integrated into the HUD of whatever game you're playing!

So now, you can look forward to having Mountain Dew and Honey Boo-Boo ads displayed right beside your HP meter!


id say the new console is obviuos trying to run PissU into the ground but its microsoft, and they may have that buildup for, say, a alpha version video of a game noone cares about.

also, wouldn't it be fun if that actually meant an agressive take-over of, say, nintendo. certainly noone woudl expect that and MS could afford it.

Didn't Microsoft patent technologies for a holo-deck-style thing? One can dream right?

It's probably just them tryna mess with Sony's head and make 'em screw up again.

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