Microsoft Increasing Investment in Xbox Live Ads

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if i pay for gold, I shouldnt get any advertisements. in fact, I just want to play video games on my xbox

Oh my god, the people in this video.
"New and exciting ways to connect with our customers", how about I show you "new and exciting ways" to connect with my dick.
As for microsfts "service", good job enabling them to do this, everyone who paid for xbox live.
Enjoy your "quality".

Lol I just noticed that comments are disabled on the video.

I wonder why.

The ads don't really bother me since I'll just turn the xbox on, join my friend's party, then go onto a game so I'm seeing them for a max of about 10 seconds. The big old ad in the middle I'm fine with just because it's used to link to sales and stuff and new released content rather than things like lovefilm.

What I'm not fine with is the increasing amount of money and time going into the ads without a decrease in live cost or further implementation of other free features for gold members.

I adore my xbox and live, made loads of friends and don't have issues connection wise, but it's getting more and more annoying defending these shitty practices.

Just what I need.More ads for shit that isn't even available in my country(looking at you Lovefilm ads)

if i pay for gold, I shouldnt get any advertisements. in fact, I just want to play video games on my xbox

Why would you want to play games on your Adbox?

OT: This is idea is bad, and they should feel bad too. I'll probably switch my gaming to the PC or something once my Xbox live subscription rolls out.

Those cowards at Microsoft were quick to turn off viewer ratings and comments on their video. Scum. We've got a "dialogue" for them and their advertisers all right. At least my XBox Live time was from a pre-paid card, certainly won't be renewing THAT sh_t. More advertising? Screw you too Microsoft.

On the one hand, people who put up with that sort of shit deserve a screen that's literally 90% ads, with the addition of ads being in the way of actually playing games (a little ad before your game starts! why not?), on the other, I don't want this shit spreading.

So, people, stop being so apathetic towards this sort of exploitation, and Microsoft, stop being cunts.

I'm definitely getting a PS4 in the next generation of consoles. This is ridiculous.

I don't mind this. all. If anything, it shows potential that Microsoft may offer some Gold services for free (voice-chat and joining 'Parties') and make actually paying for Gold cheaper in the future. To me, it's not a major inconvenience. I don't see an ad and immediately go into rage mode shouting, "Fuck this shit!!" My gameplay experience isn't interrupted or lessened by ads. I don't see pop-ups when I'm shooting things in the face. The time I spend actually on the dashboard is...almost inconceivably little when compared to my time in-game or elsewhere. I'm not going to accidentally click an ad because it's almost impossible to "fat-finger" an analog stick, and I don't flip through the menus like I'm trying to break some sort of speed record; I actually pay attention to what I'm selecting. Not sure why everyone is flipping their shit over this.

*Stares at the computer, adjusts gaze at the now dust gathering 360, looks back at PC... proceeds to hug*

Holy crap Microsoft, I hate you so much. I really need to re-evaluate my need for XBL

Sometimes situations like with Sleeping Dogs make me feel PC gaming is a failure, then I see shit like this and I go back with lube and roses.

"Ads are awesome! Let's channel browse until we find commercials because they're so funny and entertaining!", said no one ever. Gold subscription ends until we'll see by then how bad it gets.
But seriously, like someone said, why is this being presented as a good thing? I understand companies need ads because they get some extra revenue and stuff, but the truth of the matter is that no one likes ads. No one stops to think "Hey, this will help my network transmit and support my show!" when watching their favorite TV show. No, they just switch channels.

Sorry, guys. I know ads get you more money and such are lame. Simple as that. Do a study about that instead.

Microsoft have totally lost the plot. It seems like it's barely a technology company any more in the way I used to understand the term. Although now technology company seems to mean design and marketing company who sell gadgets for people who are not able to master technology so I guess they sort of qualify.

My Xbox has been gathering dust for a while now... When Microsoft gets their heads out of their asses and makes Xbox Live free like PSN I'll probably start playing again, but that won't happen because Microsoft is too busy snorting coke off their billfolds.

Maybe part of the problem is Console exclusives, like Gears of War and Halo; people who want to play those games have no choice but to get em for 360. Microsoft keeps charging, people keep playing the exclusives... if Halo and Gears were on the PS3 as well, anyone who knows how to save money would get it on the PS3 so they didn't have to pay $60 a year to play the game they already bought.

Microsoft's almost as bad as EA... almost.

They've never really bothered me. Then again, I hear the US service has way more ads and such then the NZ/AU region.

Like I needed another reason to not get an Xbox anything, but thanks anyway :D

So, when will Xbox Live Platinum come out offering Gold but ad-free for £45pa

Please, don't give them the idea!


I wonder if this will effect the next dashboard update...I really miss the tabs/folder aesthetic from years ago but mainly because it lacked in advertisements and seemed to emphasize the game in your disc tray. I've been a Silver user (not really, can't connect to the internet with my 360) for well over a year now and I'm glad to see Microsoft is doens't nothing to win me back. Saves me some money on a useless subscription.

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