Capcom's Cyberpunk Adventure Opens Xmas Early

Capcom's Cyberpunk Adventure Opens Xmas Early

The latest trailer for Remember Me shows off some interesting moves, and one odd boss.

Remember Me, the latest cyberpunk IP from Capcom, has put out a new trailer, showing off its futuristic Parisian environment, some interesting combat details, and ... well, see for yourself. It's an early Xmas for protagonist Nilin!

Nilin is a hunter, employed to seek out and snatch people's memories like so much loot from a treasure chest. It looks as though a certain amount of sneaky play may be needed to get that architect's blueprints out of her noggin but, judging by the trailer, combat is also going to be key.

The player will be able to create his own combos by combining fighting moves, so that angelic pose Nilin is striking in the trailer might be something you put together on your own. Here's hoping this one doesn't go too far down the Deus Ex route, with the plot being broken up by wacky boss fights!

Dontnod's creative director, Jean-Maxime Moris, has said in the past that there's never been a better time to launch new IP. We'll soon find out whether Remember Me will come up with the goods. This will launch on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in May 2013.

Source: Joystiq


Meh, looks really boring to me. Ah well.

I had such hope.

"Yo Nietzsche! You doing anything tonight?"
"Nuthin dawg, just...



Huh, could be interesting. I'll keep a tab on it I suppose, don't have the cash to buy everything if I want a 3DS for the new Pokemon...

One might think in 'distant cyberpunk future' they finally would have managed to ironed out the Windows Media Player playback glitches...?!

early? we just had christmas like 2 weeks ago or so, wouldn't it be a little bit late now?

BloodRed Pixel:
One might think in 'distant cyberpunk future' they finally would have managed to ironed out the Windows Media Player playback glitches...?!

It's just the future not an alternative universe. :P

Some of the gameplay stuff in this game looks great, others not so much. I have hopes for this IP.

Looks interesting, will keep my eyes on it, hopefully Crapcom doesn't screw us over with on disc characters and such as dlc.

Huh...well now it just looks more like a standard beatem up game.

This game really looks quite interesting, but the combat looks like it could require a little too much suspension of disbelief. Still, I'm optimistic.

Looks a bit like a reskinned Arkham to me. In which case it might be interesting to check out.. assuming Capcom doesn't weigh the story down too much.


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