Three Dog Teases Fallout 4

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I knew that there would be a Fallout Four but I hope that it doesn't take place exclusively in DC again. Maybe on the East Coast as a whole...

Anyways, it will be awesome to see how they will tweak the game since the lesson learned from Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim.

I'm hoping they go with the whole coast then, but who's to say 3-Dog didn't move elsewhere where freedom fighters need encouragement, now that DC is liberated and stuff? He's that kind of character, I think.

Andy Chalk:

I won't pretend that it's even slightly surprising that a new addition to a popular, multi-million-selling videogame franchise is in the works, but the potential presence of Three Dog certainly is.

It surprised me when Kotaku did this article and it was something along the lines of '*Gasp* Is it possible they're making a Fallout 4?'

This should not be a surprise to anyone. If they're making sequels to stuff like Scary Movie, you better believe they're going to make a sequel to a popular game. The question is merely 'when', not 'if'.

I just jizzed my undies, first new Pokémon on my birthday, and now a possible new Fallout? Plese let this be true! And don't you dare mess this one up, keep the streak going of great games!

I've heard rumors that it will take place in boston, just a rumor though.

Anyone else read this post in 3 Doggs voice?...Anyone?

Anyway awesome news, wonder where this game will be set then, must be close to DC...Unless he found away to increase his signal range yet again.

Ernil Menegil:

Fallout New Vegas was so far above Fallout 3 in every respect imaginable it's not even funny. EVERYTHING MADE MORE SENSE, for starters. Fallout 3 collapses under the tiniest bit of scrutiny.

As for Fallout 4 ... well, as others have expressed, I would much rather have Obsidian handling the story.

Lets not start the whole NV vs F3 again. Or how bad obsidian are at games or how they blame everyone else for there bad coding. (see it happened again) Lets just be happy that fallout will be back.

But I always blew him up...then nuked him, then shot his dead corpse full of every bit of ammunition I had...then re-loaded my save and did it over and over and over and over and over and over...and over and over and over.

I hate 3-dog.

Okay, guys? Can we please not start a flame war about whether Fallout 3 or New Vegas was better? Please? It's all opinion, so please don't say that one or the other sucks.

Anyways, Three Dog was okay I guess. I liked how he reacted to what you did in the Wasteland, which was something that I felt Mr. New Vegas lacked. I mean, he did it a little, but not to such an extent. When Three Dog did it, it sort of made me feel like people were noticing and that I was making a difference.

Well, I need a new pair of pants now.

OT: I was thinking that we were overdue for news on Fallout 4. I hope I like Fallout 4 as much as I liked Morrowwind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Skyrim.

I remember fallout 4 is supposed to take place in the american northeast. If it's going to be boston, i expect an easter egg where we can find the bar from "cheers" complete with a ted danson ghoul :p
I fear if it's taking place in maine we'll have to fight Steven Kings trademark evil. I fear we'll have another case of mysterious and supernatural evil wreaking havoc in and ultimately with a scifi IP. I hate when that happens. I even dislike the concept of Ghouls in fallout.

Anyways, since everything is all better in the "capital Wasteland" to a point where Owyn Lyons suspects that we wont even refer to it as the "wasteland", maybe washington will develop like the NCR. If so, a far reaching radio signal would be a good way to attract potential workers. Some of which would be target to raider ambushes, but i suspect the Brotherhood chapter in washington would take care of that swiftly and then the remaining Raiders would take care of themselves.
Given a choice between plowing fields or clearing out rubble and a laser to the face, i'd ask where the tools are.

And then we'll have infinetely respawning bad guys in the new fallout anyways. :D

I suspect we'll hear radio in the same way as in new vegas. DJ is nowhere to be found. There might be less news about things the player does, unless its really big. Three dog talks about things in the entire north east, so less stuff about the players little corner of the world. Which also means less work for bethesda.
Maybe we'll get another radio station for the "regional news" or something...

Step One : Find a real-life US location with a high concentration of immediately recognisable famous landmarks.

Step Two : Create a game where all that stuff has been blown up with a nuclear attack.

Step Three : Collect fat profits.

Because the sad truth is that the average Joe doesn't want to play in a post-post-apocalyptic future where human civilisation is getting on with it. They just want to play around in the guttered ruin of the present.



I killed him because I could not stand his voice anymore.

Cuftbert put a live grenade in 3-Dog's pants and blew his legs off!

Ave! True to Cuftbert.

On a related note, am I the only one whose first thought was; Woohoo more Reginald Cuftbert!!!???

Though I think cuffbert is going to have some adventures in skyrim first so it is not like we gotta wait for fallout 4, for more of his shenanigans.

Look, Bethesda.. I love you, I really do, but you really need to spring a teeny, tiny bit extra and hire someone competent to do your writing for you for Fallout 4.

I wish Bethesda would make it actual canon that R Cuftbert naded Three Dogs pants, just a brief reference to it as the explanation of how he died. It would be a little obscure, but hilarious nevertheless.

We wants it....we needs it......we'll killllllllll for it

What do you do if you ate Three Dog?

.... what? Don't look at me like that!

"This is Three-Dog, Awooooooooooohmygodmypantsexplodedmypantsexploded!" It has happened before, it might happen again.

Awesome! Well mostly...Is there a petition to get the next Fallout on the Wii U yet? The gamepad would make for an awesome real-time Pipboy for example...I'm just going to stop typing now and wait.

Actually sounds like a good idea. Hopefully they'll do it.

If it is as good as New Vegas, I will buy it. New Vegas sold me on the series although I'm going to wait for a good sale before picking up 3.

3 sorta takes the Fallout story established in 1, 2, and Tactics, throws it under a bus, and blows it up with the Experimental M.I.R.V. It's a good game, but the story is really weak in my opinion.

OT: Eh I liked Three Dog, but I still liked Mr. New Vegas a bit better. I think it was his calming voice when traversing a wasteland that is under the threat of 3 warring groups ready to turn New Vegas into a bloodbath. But personally I'd want Obsidian to handle the story more than I'd want Bethesda to. They did a good job with 3 but my major grip with them was that they made it difficult to understand certain things and just pulled stuff outta thin air.

I'd love to see a Fallout set outside of the US but I know that's a pipedream. A fallout set in and around Moscow would be really interesting, Beijing and Shanghai too, see the devastation from the other side.

They could even do a Fallout London, it is one of the most interesting cities in the world.

Well they could do Canada since it was annexed by the U.S before the bombs fell. Maybe go near Toronto or something. I mean the farthest up north that the fallout games have gone is Oregon in Fallout 2. I could be remembering it wrong though as it's been a while since I last played 2...I want to play my Fallout games now. >.<

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