Military Laser Slices Steel 1km Away

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You know, if we can manage a decent system of wireless electricity handheld laser guns would be possible.

I'd rather not have lightning bolts permeate and ionize the air around me, to be completely honest...and that's just momentary surges. The energy to sustain a consistent flow of electricity...that's a scary thought.

-_- that's not how wireless electricity works.
Current tech can only manage a distance of about 5-10 feet, but no lightning bolts appear nor will appear.

I know that I'm somewhat late to this discussion, but... Am I the only one who's curious about it's performance in dust/fog? Because that was that question that immediately came to my mind when I read the bit about the range of demonstrated environments...

This actually sounds pretty damn awesome.
Rather than being actual weapons, its possibilities as a defense mechanism is fantastic, being able to accurately shoot down and neutralize ballistics long before they can do any harm. Would be great if nukes were made obsolete.

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