Lego Marvel Super Heroes Save the World this Fall

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Save the World this Fall


Traveller's Tales is upping the ante in a Marvel Lego game with over 100 playable characters.

When Lego Star Wars first launched, nobody really expected that Lego videogames would become a phenomena. Eight years and over a dozen entries later, many simply look forward to seeing which fan-favorite franchise will be converted next. Thanks to the recent popularity of The Avengers and its Marvel Cinematic Universe, Traveller's Tales has now revealed that the next title in its Lego line will be Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Marvel fans will also be happy to hear that, unlike the films, this game won't be restricted to any particular licensed team. Instead, the title will feature characters from all of Marvel's comic book franchises, including Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even obscure titles like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes, like the Lego Batman games before it, will present an original story rather than adapting a specific movie or storyline. The plot should be familiar to Marvel fans already: Nick Fury, unable to contain threats like Loki or Galactus, calls upon Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and other heroes to save the Earth. It's not a unique premise for a Marvel game (Ultimate Alliance did the same thing), but Lego Marvel Super Heroes ups the ante with over 100 playable characters, the highest for any Marvel console title. The full roster will include heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine, anti-heroes like Deadpool, and even Galactus himself, who presumably solves Lego puzzles by eating the planet.

Further details, such as whether the game will have full-voice acting or open-world environments, are unclear at the moment. Given that it's a Lego title however, players should expect a wide range of puzzles, character-specific abilities, and playful Lego humor to be featured throughout the entire game. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is due out this Fall for PC, consoles, and handheld systems.

Source:, via Kotaku
Image: Lego Marvel Super Heroes



Man, I'm hype for this!

Please have a DC and Marvel crossover sequel, Please have a DC and Marvel crossover sequel, Please have a DC and Marvel crossover sequel...

Captcha: in the air (very funny captcha)

Hooray! ACTUAL Galactus finally makes an appearance.
SUCK it Fox!

I'm actually looking forward to seeing the antics of Lego Spidey and Deadpool more than the actual game right now.


Can't wait.

Please have a DC and Marvel crossover sequel, Please have a DC and Marvel crossover sequel, Please have a DC and Marvel crossover sequel...

Captcha: in the air (very funny captcha)

You beat me to it but since you mentioned it, not only is the door left open for Lego Marvel X DC, it's also left open for Lego Amalgam

Anyway. I've read a few articles about this already and this is the first I've heard about a 100 character roaster. I guess it's safe to assume the later movie characters will be playable (Core-Avengers, Ghost Rider, etc) and soon-to-be movie character will likely also be in on the action (Rocket Raccoon). I wonder how deep the obscurity well is going to go though. I would genuinely be interested in playing as Howard the Duck, Toad, etc. Of course it could just be that character variations will be their own character (Black-suit Spider-Man, Iron Patriot, Original-bulky Iron Man, colored Hulks...). I'm hoping they don't take that route though.


Bloody hell, should I really be this exited!? I must be crazy!

Licensed LEGO games have always been the very best video game adaptation of that particular license, for me at any rate.

Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Harry Potter

What other licensed games allow you to play through these worlds so thoroughly and completely?

I'm calling it now: best Marvel superhero game ever.

Hmm, but how many of those playable characters are going to be the same characters we already had in a different outfit? They pulled that with both the Harry Potter games.
Ah well, I'll just look forward to levels where we get to ply as the Hulk and hope they're as fun as the ones on Lego LotR where you play as an Ent

mine mine mine mine mine mine!!!

Lego and Marvel, the best of two worlds.

Well considering I just finished Lego Batman 2 (and loved it) and I'm a huge Marvel fan, I can't wait.

I guess I'm not the core audience, obviously. I played some Lego games and I found them boring. But like I said, due to their popularity, I guess it's me.
I'll have to admit, though. A Lego Marvel Super Heroes game sounds pretty badass.

OOOOOOOH! Can we have a Lego Back to the Future someday?! That would be interesting!

I wonder if it'll be open world like Lego Batman 2.

A friend and I played Lego Batman 2 and I thought "where does this game get off being so ridiculously fun?!" which was surprising, because the last Lego game I had played was the Star Wars prequel trilogy and it was RUBBISH! And while playing Lego Batman 2 we agreed, they HAVE to make one of these for Marvel superheroes! I can't wait for this!

I can play as Deadpool?
Well I just might have to buy my first Lego game then.

Adam Jensen:

Can't wait.

Finally, something Adam Jensen DID ask for.
Makes the game instant win in my book.


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