Too Human Disappears from Xbox Marketplace

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Capitano Segnaposto:

Aww man, this feels wrong. Yes Silicon Knights may have been a totally worthless, talentless, obtuse, boring game company, and even in the amazing fluke that was Eternal Darkness there were a lot of bad design decisions, but still this feels like a destruction of art. Bad art yes but still art.

Yea, this pisses me off. If I can find a copy, I will keep one in good shape. Even if the game wasn't very good, we shouldn't be out burning remnants of our gaming/art history.

Fuckin' A.

While there is torrents it will never disappear... unfortunately.

Does this mean there's going to be a huge black market demand for copies of Too Human? To the GameStop!

fact, Too Human is the new Battletoads to Gamestop.

which, in some form of it all, is hilarious.

I guess it was too human to allow the world to see this game.

I guess the game wont be back if court went as far as removing all unsold copies.

capcha: time will tell.

Oh it certainly will, it certainly will.

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