EA Brings Free Mass Effect Armor to Dead Space 3

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Even from a marketing point i can't figure out why they keep doing this. I mean, ME(3) is out already and Dead Space is a completely different universe

All this tells me is that they are too lazy to come up with new artwork for armors and they are just saying eh fuck it, we will recycle some from old games

Ok cool! I love how people are going on about "breaking me precious immursion!" when you have a co-op partner blasting dubstep over the headset doing that for you.

Maybe that's just me though.

Point is there are worse things than throwing an N7 onto some free armour you don't even have to wear. Like having your co-op partner jiggling around in front of the camera when you're trying to watch the imaginative long cinematic deaths the game gives you. I'm TRYING to watch my face getting melted off thanks mate!

Anyway, nothing breaks immersion like those contrived "oh this is a co-op game, so we need this" doors that NEED two people to open it. Fuck off.

I always stick to default unlocks on my first playthrough anyway. You know how Borderlands 2 gives you free guns at the start if you have the Mechromancer DLC? Lol no, immediately dropped. Shitty pistol will do fine kthx.

Gearhead mk2:
EA? Free? Dead Space? Mass Effect?! Giving?! With?!?!

Well, I suddenly have aonther reason to by this game, bringing it up to a grand total of two.

"Free" isn't really the correct word. This is a cut and dry example of cross promotion. Are you a big fan of Dead Space but you've never heard of Mass Effect? This would at the very least lead you to Googling the game, which could lead to you watching trailers, which could lead to you playing the demo, which could lead to you buying it...

Alternatively, you might be a Mass Effect fan and you've never heard of Dead Space. Same idea. You see a video with Mass Effect in the title, you click it, you find out about Dead Space ect...

Plus there's the completionists, the people that have to have everything. Some people who love Dead Space are going to buy ME3 just so they can have that extra armour set. Plus, it's no coincidence these games are in their third iteration. You buy the third game and like it, then you're naturally gonna play through the other two.

So all in all, EA fork out a bit of money to get the staff for Dead Space 3 to make an extra armour. Probably wouldn't take long to do either. Put it up on YouTube (no need to spend money advertising it that way) and bam, quick and easy money.

Assuming this will be an Origin exclusive, then I shan't be picking it up. I enjoyed the first two but I'm not installing Origin for any game. Except Baldur's Gate III maybe.

Those things tend to completely break the immersion and flow of games.
I'd rather not have a blatantly overpowered out-of-universe armor in my inventory from the start of the game DA:O style, thank you very much.

They're never over-powered. Frankly, quite often they're barely "powered". The Blood Dragon Armor in both ME2 & 3 sucked and Ser Isaacs armour in DA2 sucked. They're generally better only than whatever one started the game in and not a lot else. They looked cool tho. Also, you don't generally get these at the start, but after the beginning when the game begins to open up.

I don't really see a point in this kind of thing though. Is the hope that fans of Mass Effect will buy this because they get a bullshit freebie "exclusive" to them? Cross-pollination maybe, I think that's the business jargon.


RJ 17:

They don't need to try it - it was since the first game.

To be fair, at least they were trying to make a survival-horror game in the first two. Whether or not they succeeded is up for debate, though.

Since I have Mass Effect on my 360 and Dead Space 2 on my ps3 this doesn't really give me incentive. I never really liked the crossover item idea in games, but I don't think it's a bad thing for the game to have it. I don't see why EA is doing this promotion anyway since ME3 has been out for almost a year. Is it to try and bring some Mass Effect fans to Dead Space? It's just silly to me.

Going to be hard to make the game scary when running around in N7 armor :)



If it is just the default armor with a paint job, it probably won't offer any bonuses.
Still EA should be commended for not charging extra just for that I suppose.




i admit i did laugh

also unfortunately this came to mind...

Which, in turn, reminded me of this:

Anyway, I'm not getting Dead Space 3, but hey, it's a nice little nifty freeby that you don't have to do anything for. Heck, chances are, you've played Mass Effect 3, so what's the biggie?

oh god..i finally can put a face to that voice. that's kinda funny though he did that in person.

OT: This easily could've been a mod made in 10 minutes by a fan, so EA did it just to say "look! we are giving you extras!"

whoop de frickin do, i'm sure that costed you SO MUCH MONEY AND TIME.


RJ 17:

They don't need to try it - it was since the first game.

I really think the people parroting this never actually played the old Dead Space games and just watch Jimquisition. Dead Space was never this super atmospheric survival horror game. It was a TPS game with pretty good atmosphere and some jump scares.

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