Anti-Piracy Group Targets Mega

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so why aren't these guys going after 4shared, Rapidshare, Mediafire, Uploaded, Filefactory, Netload, Hotfile, Letitbit, Extabit, Depositfiles, Crocko, Przeklej, Dump,Uploading, Megashares, Furk, 4FastFile, GoldFile, GigaSize, TurboBit, HitFile, ZippyShare, SoundCloud, BitShare, UploadStation, FreakShare, SpeedyShare, Fyels, FilePost, Scribd, DocStoc, GlumboUploads, HellShare, RapidGator, HulkShare, FilesFlash, FilesMonster, FiberUpload, 2shared, ShareFlare, CloudNator, ShareBeast, FileFlyer, JumboFiles, FileGag, FreshMaza, RyuShare, PutLocker, FileVelocity, FileMates, LuckyShare, LumFile, DropBox, Box, FileSwap, CramIt, UltraMegaBit or FileNuke?

all of the above are filesharing sites some just as popular as Mega/Megaupload yet haven't suffered the same fate despite hosting pirated files. it seems that none of these morons realise that in order to catch these files they need a host of staff trolling through the servers and comsumers that report the files as copy-righted material.

hell youtube has the same problem, i can find full episodes of tv series and cartoons on youtube that have been there since the episode aired.

this seems like global trolling to me, to attack one while dozens if not hundreds get away with it in plain view.

Because most of these sites have filters installed. Megaupload was the one that did not. You had to file a complaint, then it took two weeks for them to remove the the copyrighted material, only to have another file show up the next day. Getting your games pulled off the site was ridiculous.

Seems logical to me... and by that I mean desperate.

Mega's terms of service are pretty all-encompassing. People can ignore them any way they want, but you can't come down on the site for that.

What's the point of MD5 chacksums when every file is zipped up?
I mean, that changes its checksum.

(Face palm) Is it wrong that I hope Anonymous will get involved? I understand why these people are trying to do this... but there HAS to be a better way to do it...

Based on this group's insane logic, shouldn't they be going after Dropbox? I mean, sure, they're ALSO a filesharing group. I'm sure people exchange MP3's and all sorts of fun things all the time, and people can even store up to 20GB or whatever.

Fun stuff folks.

Mega should just kick start it I'm sure there's loads of people willing to pay to see this happen.

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