German Publisher Happy to Have Bought Saints Row, Metro

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Farther than stars:
Hey, Deep Silver fully supported a new Piranha Bytes franchise, so they've got my confidence. Also, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky. There's definitely far worse places that these franchises could have ended up.

Yeah, about Piranha Bytes...

Either the studio is incompetent (not saying that isn't the case) or Deep Silver fucked them up badly. Probably a bit of both. Those guys haven't really made anything as good as Gothic 2 since they switched to Deep Silver.

Deep Silver is also responsible for the absolutely terrible console ports of the Risen games.

Oh, well, I've been playing Risen on the PC, so I wouldn't know about the console ports. Anyway, I see Risen as a kind of HD remake of Gothic 2, which is hardly a bad thing. Also, in defence of Deep Silver, Gothic 2 was kind of Piranha Bytes' Magnum Opus, so that's a hard one to top anyway.

I don't know much about Koch, but here's to hoping Volition and 4A won't have to undergo any regretful changes with management.


Saints Row 3 was a horrible letdown compared to Saints Row 2, so I can only hope this will somehow improve the series.

I found 2 quite a disappointment compared to 3. Not that 2 was bad (only the PC-Port was), but it falls rather flat compared to 3 imo.

There is a mod that fixes the shit port port, but yes releasing the PC port in such a state was pretty much criminal in my opinion, but once you have it working it seems to me personally and logically when you compare them with each other, that 2 is better than 3.

3 has better graphics and lighting for the most part, better models, but while it adds new customizations it brings back half assed versions of the previous.

3 has better and more responsive/fluid character movement.

Characters in 2 were more interesting, have more depth and range. In SR3 they completely rewrote established characters to be different people and killed off a fan favorite after 5 minutes.

The villans in 3 were in no way memorable and didn't even really have that big a role in the game.

SR3 has very few cutscenes. SR2 has so many. SR3 relies on missions prompts and lazy cell phone calls instead.

I believe 2 had a much better balance of crazy and realism, where 3 took realism and burned it alive, and then buried it in a safe at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. And the crazy was a mixed clone of The Joker and Mayor Adam West.

Far less dialogue.

Changed voice actress for Shaundi, and barely had any for Gat. And I imagine because they wanted to skimp on budget, and those were probably among the most expensive voice actors. That is probably why he barely had a role, they let that determine a major part of the story that in turn greatly affected how the game would have played out otherwise. Maybe they'll find some way to bring him back, but that doesn't help SR3.

3 used side missions/diversions as main(forced) missions. And got rid of all the best ones from 2, while keeping simple and less interesting ones.

The melee combat system of 3, while flashy and funny, is worse than the varied styles from 2.

Multiplayer in 3, at least at launch, had buggy audio and some other glitches.

And that's just to name a few.. It's my opinion but Saints Row 3 just screams lack of effort and creativity despite their claims of otherwise during the development.

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