Phil Collins Lends Atmosphere to Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

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I suspect that pretty much the entirety of Britain can't watch that without thinking of the gorilla. Too soon.

Not bad, but would have been better if the helmet had opened to reveal a mountain gorilla.
*waits for the five or six people who'll get the reference to quietly chuckle*



More importantly, why is he holding his hand up as if to shield his face from the howling blizzard when he's wearing a full and presumably sealed suit of armour, including a helmet with full-face visor? That'd be like me doing similar when doing 60 on my bike, with my charity-shop getup of full face helmet, neck tube, armoured cordura jacket, leather strides and thick rubber boots. Except when dolled up like that, let alone in a military grade suit of future armour, I don't feel the wind at all unless it's really cold. And then it's a diffuse coldness rather than a breeze.

Also, twenty-fifth century and we can't yet make an electron/photon discharge weapon that doesn't screech and buzz like a 1980s flashgun / old style fluorescent tube / CRT television? Even a CRT VGA monitor didn't make that kind of noise, and modern fluorescents are silent, as is any flashgun that isn't a cheap built-in jobbie... just shove the resonant frequency up into the ultrasonic, and you're done.
Unless the reasoning is that your marks can hear into the ultrasonic quite easily but are effectively deaf in the lower to middle frequencies of human hearing range, so weapons making noises that would be a dead (heh) giveaway if you pre-charged them within earshot of a human opponent aren't detectable by what you're actually fighting - and vice versa.

Seriously hoping this game is at least as good as the last. Don't fail me this time Visceral.

So are they charging $5 extra for Phil Collins to appear in the game? and $10 for him never to appear?

That would fit in with the stupid microtransactions it has.

So, after two reasonably succesful pseudo-survival horror games, EA has decided that the way to maximise sales to is go bro-tastic after the Call of Duty crowd?

Wonderful, ain't that just wonderful. Although, where was red-helmet-guy in the trailer?

Akichi Daikashima:
As a sidenote, WHY DOES NO-ONE JETTISON THE MARKERS INTO STARS? I refuse to believe that everyone became The Marker's bitch within it's immediate radius.

Because a large portion of the characters are religious fanatics who believe the markers are literal gifts from their Gods and the Necromorphs are tantamount to angels.

Humanity has a long and proud tradition of doing dumb things in the name of faith, Dead Space's inhabitants are no different.

Akichi Daikashima:
I thought that it would be "In the air tonight".

I might check the game out(once it goes on sale, I'd like to keep my £35 for now) but only cause I'm interested in the co-op and in the game as an action game, I feel that such a transition may make it better, as the series never was truly scary, just startling.

As a sidenote, WHY DOES NO-ONE JETTISON THE MARKERS INTO STARS? I refuse to believe that everyone became The Marker's bitch within it's immediate radius.

Well, the first time we found a marker, we were studying it as a source of nearly limitless energy, and found out it had some rather...unfortunate side effects. (Dementia, death, mutation.) So we got rid of it. But then we were really desperate for a new energy source, so the government forced Isaac to help them make another one, because he had the blueprint for it in his head. Not the greatest plan, admittedly. Along the way, a religion sprang up around the Markers called the Church of Unitology, which believes that the Markers - or, more to the point, them killing us - are the answer to us all becoming one with everything.

So that's why.

Plus, once you're exposed to it, you start going le nutso.

Oh man...Isaac, I think we're going to need a bigger gun. Much bigger.

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