Dead Space 3 Producer Promises "Disturbing" New Content

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Sniper Team 4:

Look, the only Dead Space stories I'm interested in are "What happened to the main character from Extraction?" and "What happened to the pregnant girl at the end of Severed?" Funny how both those stories are related to Extraction, huh? If the DLC isn't involved in at least one of those two stories, then it's going to have to try REALLY hard to get me to buy it. As for the suits and other perks, no thanks. Don't care about that stuff.

The creators of Extraction confirmed that the main character from Extraction succumbed to his wounds in the shuttle and turned into the Necromorph you see Lexine kill in the ending. He's dead. Gabe and her hooked up shortly thereafter.

Lexine's fate is unknown, but he is definitely alive after the events of Severed... and being monitored. I wouldn't be surprised if some DLC or something fleshes that out.

Ah, thank you. I had heard the theory that the main character was indeed the Necromorph at the end, but I had never heard that the creators officially confirm it. Kind of lame, but okay. Still, you'd think that would have been something at least mentioned in Severed. "Such a pity what happened to...whats-his-name."
Guess all that's left is to wrap up Lexine's story then, which I really hope they do. That's DLC that I would buy.

I remember Steve Papoutsis when he was in No Use For A Name. Weird seeing him spruking video games. I thought Dead Space was pretty fucked up to begin with, so it will be interesting to see where they are going with this. Hopefully the "disturbing" part isn't the price.

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