"Unique Interface" Keeps Tomb Raider Off of Wii U

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It's official. Fucking idiots run the video game industry. Not like it's much of a surprise, but seriously people, the Wii U has THREE different controllers. You don't have to use the touch screen, use the Pro Controller, that is after all what it's fucking there for. Come on!

And don't gimme that crap about not wanting to force people to buy a controller. Wii U bundles shipped with the controller, the controller is going to be required for many other games. Plus games have been shipped in the past with a controller. It's no new thing.
Just use that damn device already!

Sheesh, it's not hard people.

You know why this is bullshit? Destructoid just posted an article explaining why the Wii U Gamepad doesn't need novelty games designed purely to foist touchscreen controls in somewhere.

The Gamepad is not a fucking Wiimote. It has all the usual buttons you'd expect from a normal controller. You could map all the same functions to the Gamepad buttons as you would the 360 buttons, and the game would play identically.

In fact, one of the best reasons not to foist touchscreen controls is that you'd be able to support off-the-TV Gamepad play with a minimum of fuss. Instead of using the touchscreen as an inventory manager, just use it as a potential second screen for the player if someone else wants to watch the telly. That'd be just fine.

Eh good, I probably wont buy the game myself, but good to see another developer putting the WiiU in its place :P

A perfectly fine console with Pikmin 3, Rayman Legend and Bayonetta 2 coming out for it? What's so wrong with that?

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