Call Center Game Costs Developer His Job

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Hats off to this guy. I'm not even allowed to say where I work because...well, let's just say that it's a company so powerful and worldwide known that it probably owns a million lawyers, no kidding. They would sue even a lowly employee like me. But if I could do a game, or just share my stories with people in the shape of a game, it would be awesome.

Best of luck to this guy.


Wonder if there's a wrongful dismissal case there. Unless he specifically named names you've got to wonder exactly what he's been fired for, it's not illegal to complain about your job after all, nor is it illegal to publish works of fiction.

All employers have the right to terminate your employment at any time for any or no reason. It's in every contract ever made, although people tend not to read those for whatever reason and then get annoyed that it gets pulled on them.

Anywho, wrongful dismissal is only relevant in cases where what the company did is in violation of the law or the contract. Unless this guy can prove that the company is firing him on the basis of discrimination, or his unwillingness to commit an illegal act at their order, etc, then there's no case to be had.

That depends where you live, a lot of places have laws against being dismissed for no good reason.

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