New Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer is All About Story

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All the scenes they showed in the storyline looked extremely overcast. So its possible Superman has only been recieving minimal solar energy for years, putting him at a weaker level than usual.

Boom. Done.

Alternate universe. He doesn't have to have the same powers and weaknesses as Superman. I seem to recall one, though I'm not sure which story, who was powered by red solar energy and therefore useless on Earth.

Conversely, someone could have changed Earth's they did in Legion of Super-Heroes to make Supes powerless in the future.

Mortal Kombat proved that a story and a fighting game can go hand in hand. And, guess what, here comes Netherrealm again!

EDIT: HA, I just brought up Netherrealm in my 666th post apparantly.

Oooh this is a very tempting Collectors edition... If only I had the money >.<.

This game continues to look pretty damn excellent though. Who was the guy with the beard and eyepatch though? Was that Slade/DeathStroke?

When did superhero escapism become so goddamn awful? Vandal Savage, help me!

Been looking forward to this game ever since they announced Nightwing was a playable character. The roster in general is shaping up to be pretty good, actually. Hopefully Red Hood will get a look in too.

So how long until people start crying sexist because Batman is hitting Wonder Woman?

...why would they?

Say what you want about the ressurection of Mortal Kombat, but I think that Nether Realms did a good job in actually making a cohesive story out of that jumbled mess. Was it fantastic? No. But considering the fact that the series only had a very loose at best connecting story, I actually rather enjoyed what NR did with the game. I'd imagine this game's story mode will be similar, in that you don't pick your combatant and work your way up a ladder of matches, but rather play through the story, switching to different fighters as the story progresses. Essentially the same thing Team Ninja did with DoA5 (another game that I thought did very well in making a cohesive story considering the series prior to it had only a loosely connected story).

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if more and more fighting games start taking that approach for the singleplayer/"story" campaign. Instead of the traditional ladder-climb single player, we'll start seeing more and more games that give a linear story in which you bounce from one fighter to the next, getting a taste for each one.

As a person who considers "story" to be one of the more important factors when judging a game, I for one actually enjoy this tweak to the standard fighting game format.

Edit: P.S. As far as collector edition items go, I gotta say I like the look of that Wonder Woman vs Batman statue. :P


Isn't this just the story of A Better World and the Justice Lords?

Sounds to me like more of a mix of Kingdom Come and Son of Superman.

Don't forget Squadron Supreme

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