All-Red PS3 Coming to the U.S. in God of War Bundle

All-Red PS3 Coming to the U.S. in God of War Bundle


God of War junkies get a new console bundle to call their own.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of God of War: Ascension? So excited that you want a whole new PS3 console to celebrate its release? First of all, that's a little weird, but if you fall into that category, Sony has you covered with a new limited edition bundle that includes a "Garnet Red" 500GB PS3, God of War: Ascension, and the God of War Saga collection.

In case you're not acquainted with God of War Saga, it includes full versions of God of War, God of War II, God of War III, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. That's a whole lot of blood spilling.

The package will retail for $349.00, and will launch alongside the new God of War title on March 12 in the U.S.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Makes me want to trade in my current console for one!

Red is a very appropriate color for this bundle.

I like it but half of it is DLC games that already exist in disc format and I really really hate the new super slim design. I find it reminds me of the Atari 2600 too much.

The red is good though. Its about time they got a red one as well.

Cool! Now if only I could afford it. I'd immediately sell the God of War games, but I'd love a red PS3.

This is neat. I was actually expecting a white one, covered in blood splatters, but this is fun too. I'm still content with my slim, though. Desperately needs a hard drive upgrade, though.

So God of War is fighting cancer now? Cool.

I feel they missed the oppertunity in making a white PS3 with a red lightning across it.

In it's current state it kind of reminds me of a make-up box.

Still, looks like a bundle of fun.

Why does it have to be bundled with God of War? I might have bought a red PS3 on its own if it cost a bit less (it would go well with the red PS2 and PSP I got in Japan), but I never want to spend money on one that series again (it was fun once, but it's just gotten boring at this point).

Oh if only I didn't already own every single game in that franchise. :(

because as we all know, kratos' beverage of choice is the tears of the women in a strawberry milkshake

Fuck it... Im buying it.

Why didn't they give us a choice of colors with the original slim?

Suppose I'm the only one that dislikes red. And what's with the grooves on the PS3? Looks...bizarre.

I am, however, glad that Plus is being included in these newer bundles. Means new customers (are there any left?!) can possibly finish not just the ones in this collection, which I believe is six, but whatever is in IGC now. Lots of playing but a hell of a lot of value to it.

I'll give Sony this. They can sell new colours of consoles better than Nintendo sells different coloured handheld these days.

All I have to say is sony needs to start selling these different consoles much much earlier in the generation then they are now. While I really dislike the red I did like the white one they released a while back and if it had been a couple years ago would have bought.

Casual Shinji:
I feel they missed the oppertunity in making a white PS3 with a red lightning across it.

In it's current state it kind of reminds me of a make-up box.

Still, looks like a bundle of fun.

They probably didnt want to make a third white ps3. Plus the pure red sort of suits the God of War series much more then red lightning.

Does anybody else thinks it looks very pink?

Doesn't look very blood red to me.

Okay, what is with Sony releasing a bunch of bundles nowadays? I mean, yay for people who need one and all but...I kinda wish we had more options back then when the PS3 was newer.
I also don't know which bundle to get. I was about to buy the Uncharted 3 bundle but I waited for the Assassin's Creed 3 bundle. But it looked too simple for me and then this comes out. But now I'm afraid a much better one will come out next!

At any rate, I like the bundle. The slim-slim model doesn't do it for me but I like everything else.

Too bad they released this now, My fat PS3 bluray drive died about 6 months ago. I almost bought an original slim them to replace it. This bundle except with the older slim would have sealed the deal. Instead, I fixed it with some parts I got off Amazon.
I gonna steer clear of the the new red cosmetic case design they got going on here. Even if it shouts in Kratos' voice one of his iconic lines whenever you turn it on, I'm not buying one.

"In communist Russia, PS3's ship you covered in red paint" or something to that effect.

I honestly don't see the point :/

Sure a shitty Wii after the Wii U has been released is one thing, however another expensive PS3 model close to the PS4 release is another.

Why u no make it black with big red blood decal over the top!


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