84-Year-Old Gleefully Plays First-Person Shooters

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84-Year-Old Gleefully Plays First-Person Shooters

An octogenarian newcomer to videogames experiences the thrill of victory in Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.

Anyone who has made an attempt to get his or her older relatives to play videogames knows that it can be difficult. Those who didn't grow up with games can have trouble figuring out how to use a controller, might struggle with a game's learning curve, or may become frustrated by the repeated failure that comes with learning to do something new. The 84-year-old in this video, however, has no such apprehensions.

According to the description on the video's Youtube page, the octogenarian's grandchildren invited him to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 with them, but "we never thought he'd react like this!" With some guidance from his grandchildren, he quickly grasps how to use a controller to move and shoot, and doesn't even seem to mind how often he gets killed in the learning process.

What's great about this is how much fun the grandfather is having in this video, whether it's because he's enjoying spending time with his grandkids or he's on his way to becoming a die-hard first-person shooter fanatic. Games are supposed to be fun, and can be a great way to bring people together, and sometimes it's nice to be reminded of that. The Youtube account "GrandpaPlaysGames" seems to have been created specifically to post this, but maybe we'll get to see more of the grandfather's gaming adventures in the future.


I have only one question: best grandpa or BEST grandpa?

Eh. Is it bad that I do that with every new game I play these days? Oooh! Eeee!


In all seriousness, this is just too damn cute.


That's cute.
Also good press for video games.

This makes me smile,and I'm pretty sure I know why. A senior ctizen that doesn't hate games.

Zen Toombs:
I have only one question: best grandpa or BEST grandpa?

Reminds me of my time playing Castle Crashers with my stepbro, or him helping me with Sly 3. Good memories.

D'awww, now I want my own grandpa to play videogames with - Where can I buy one?!

I cant even get my parents to try video games. It's great that the grandfather wants to play games with his grandson.

I hope I can be like this if I ever get that old =)

I believe my grandpa was the first person to introduce me to gaming with i think the first visit i ever had to them he introduced me to the Ps1 and put in spyro year of the dragon, damn that was a great game.

Overall, its nice to see that more than just young people getting into video games i tried to get my parents into games by getting them to play portal 2 co-op, it did not go very well...

Back in my day, we actually had to shot people for real to have fun!

Oh no, stop this madness before we create a generation of violent old people!

Captcha: go berserk
How does it manage to pre-empt your comment?? Free-will is a lie...

Saying he's "cute" is kind of disrespectful in my opinion. He's an old man, not a baby rabbit. It's great to see this though, it's the inevitable future once we're all that age. Go grandpa!

Mini Me took over that man's body! EEEEEE!

My grandfather regularly plays Skyrim on Steam :D

I hope I still play games when I'm that age.

What an uplifting video. I hope the guy continues to enjoy games beyond this, just keep him away from XBox Live. There's no need to make a man that old lose his faith in the youth that will be running the world long after his death.

My grandad is a big fan of Civilization and Need For Speed. And also Ridge Racer.

first thought...
Oh how cool ain't this

*watching a bit of the vid*
*looking back up on the name of the link*

HE IS 84!!!???
He does NOT look like 84!!!

And besides... great that someone isn't afraid of trying something new :D

Oh no, stop this madness before we create a generation of violent old people!

Too late:

Oh no, stop this madness before we create a generation of violent old people!


Pfft So BO2 on console passes for FPS experience these days *snooooooort*


Have fun Grandpa. God knows you are having much more fun than I do with my large catalogue of games. Industry made me a fucking cynic.

"All I have to do is kill you right grandson?"

Awesome line! Though better sleep with one eye open man. I heard from some senators that videogames turn people into murdering psychopaths.


Oh no, stop this madness before we create a generation of violent old people!

Too late:

Ah, a classic and hauntingly accurate depiction of our dark future.

Though that sketch makes me think... why isn't there a game where we can pull the heads off sheep as old people? I sense a niche for iOS game.

None of my grandparents would ever have played video games with us. Well, maybe Granda. But he was half-blind and almost completely deaf. And he thought having a TV remote was the HIGHT of technology.

CIRCA 1994

89 year-old Granda: "Ey Duckie, c'mere. Look what I've got." [Shows remote]
11 year-old me: "Hey, you got a new telly! No more changing the channel at the back of the box eh?"
Granda: Lookit, ye press this button... and IT TURNS ISSELF ON." [turns TV on with glee]
Me: "... Yeees, I know Granda, we have one too. Had one for years."
Granda: "And if ye press THIS button... ye get RTÉ 2!" [changes channel, eyes a-glimmer]
Me: "... I'll just leave you alone with it, shall I?" [flees]

Anyhoo... awesome grandpa is AWESOME. Great when family members want to share your hobbies =)

I remember a long time ago I actually got my grandfather to play Cod 4 (only one I liked) with me just randomly. He was actually really enjoying it too. Even funnier was that he was actually really good at it, which is not bad for an 82 year old. ^.^

I feel that this is appropriate.

This. is. Adorable.

I remember introducing my father to FarCry 2 a few years ago. Too many controls for him to handle, he said. He seriously wanted a game requiring nothing more than a D-pad and two buttons.

Guys clearly, the next violent shooter.

Holy crap that was freaking adorable. I hope that I'll grow up to be as awesome a grandparent as he is.

That warmed my heart =D

Guys clearly, the next violent shooter.

I was stabled with a video game once, I died. Then respawned

But doesn't he know that games are just toys for children?

I love this for two reasons - grandpa is having a whale of a time, and so is grandson. There's no rolling of eyes or humoring each other, just two generations having fun together. This video could've easily been something mocking - let's make fun of the old guy, but it's not that at all. It's absolutely wonderful to see.

I think my heart just grew three sizes.

so after 84 years of life experience he still fails to see how poor halo and COD is. i am sad now.

well i guess its better than nothing, my grandpa thinks computer is radioactive.

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