84-Year-Old Gleefully Plays First-Person Shooters

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Aww, this is awesome!

My mom is close to his age (just turned 80 this month) and while she hasn't played in many years, I remember when she bought the first Atari for our family. She ostensibly bought it for me, but soon my parents took it over playing bowling for hours. My favorite is the time when I woke up to find my mother playing Pac-Man, a death-grip on the controller. Turns out she woke up early and decided to play while my dad and I were still asleep. She was about to beat her record on it, so she didn't move until she did. She had arthritis in her hands, so she was in a ton of pain for days after gripping it so hard!

I have no idea what she'd make of modern video games, but she was definitely in love with console games at their very beginning. :)

This is a grandparent doing it right. Also; props for getting to grips with a console controller at eighty. I know some people new to games who struggle at eighteen.

Reminds me of when I used to watch/play Doom on the N64 with my Opa.

Slow news day, huh? Wouldn't really call 'old man has fun playing videogames' really worth shouting out like that, but... eh, better that kind of news than no news or worse... bad news.

You know what, regardless of any of my own opinions on any of those games, I'm glad to see him having a great time. It reminds me of an older guy, not this old, but in his 50's, that works with me talking about going home to play some Black Ops. Its nice, seeing people in that particular generations, enjoying the same media as I do. Reminds me not to paint all types with one brush.

Casual Shinji:
D'awww, now I want my own grandpa to play videogames with - Where can I buy one?!

Try Walmart. It's where I got mine.

In all seriousness though I think it's cool people are starting to get older people interested in games. I actually got my grandma to play Portal 2 and Journey with me. And she's actually good. But now comes the real challenge...


I remember the first video game I showed my grandfather. It was Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold on our 286. He was mesmerized by the fact that the game was in "3D" but he didn't much care for the violence. I remember telling him that it was ok because they were aliens (they weren't) to which he replied "Oh, I guess that's ok then." He was a lot more receptive when I showed him Myst. He had always liked mind puzzles and he watched over my shoulder through quite a bit of it, even offering advice. I think it's great to see people who you'd least expect enjoy something that you love that lets you connect in a whole new way.

I hope that when I am his age I am still willing to try new things and be as unashamed and uncaring of perceived failure as he is. To not dismiss things that are new or confusing -- that's really wonderful. This really warms my heart, and I found a smile creeping up on my face as I watched. What a wonderful way to start the morning!

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