Sony Teases Possible PlayStation 4 Announcement

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I dislike pretentious crap like this, teasing a date with a fancy video that does nothing more make you go "Get to the point." right until then end, then it's just a date. How about, just announcing the date you're announcing the thing on, or even better, when it gets to that date, just announce the damn thing.

Neato. I'll be looking forward to that date, as I'm pretty unsure as to which console I'll be getting this time around, if any at all. So hopefully they have a good system to show off.

Oh god.... When I first glanced at your post I thought you typed "Naruto". Instead of "Neato" And I thought, If it is an announcement of a new Naruto game I'm gonna be pissed.


Is a price point to much to hope for at this juncture?

Beautiful End:
Every time I hear about the PS4, I feel bad for my still-useful PS3. I can't feel excited about the new console!

...Especially because I'm afraid of the price. I know back then the PS3 was expensive because of the blu-ray but still, I believe the PS4 will be just as expensive as the PS3 when it came out.

I dont think it will be nearly as expensive. When the ps3 first came out you couldnt find a blue-ray player for under $800. The cost of hardware was also much greater back then as well. Both of these lead to the ps3s launch price but since neither of these are relevant anymore there is no reason for the ps4s launch price to be the same.


You won't be getting Left for dead on consoles anytime soon. Valve hates closed systems, that's why they stick to PC.

It's out and has been out on the X box for a long time. Won't be seeing it out anytime soon? Well yeah because it's already been seen.

I personally believe that all these theatrics are ultimately going to doom the entire console industry.
It's obvious the whole industry needs a shot in the arm, yet the big two keep shamelessly holding out on delivering their next offerings because they want too squeeze just a -little- more out of the aging consoles that are on offer now.
This year had better well see the release of these two consoles, or frankly, it's curtains.


All in all there were a lot lessons Sony needed to learn and I hope they learned them, like you said they need to be much better at making it easy to develop. I don't want to go through another 2+ years waiting for developers PS skill to catch up to their xbox skill. It needs to be cheaper, it doesn't need to be as powerful.

Instead I'm hoping they're looking at features instead of power. Backwards compatibility and free online access is pretty much all they'd need to convince me.

That's been my problem with the PS3 (and the psp; haven't tried the vita, I've kind of given up on them): They got good hardware (it's pretty expensive but good...okay, it doesn't melt itself as much as the competition) but terrible support.
The only way I'll get one is if they get 5 years into the ps4 cycle and I'm NOT hearing all sorts of horror stories about it losing features, Bethesda games that don't work, developers who refuse to work with Sony, lame firmware, bad security, and service outages. So, I'm probably not getting one.
Not that I'll be buying Xbox either. Even if their new console doesn't spontaneously combust, I've been playing online for free for too long. I'm not about to start paying.

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