Evolution Comes to Indie Royale

Evolution Comes to Indie Royale

Will you walk down the Path, or escape your cookie-cutter destiny?

The Indie Royale has a new Evolved Bundle offering, with something to intrigue almost every gamer. Will you go on a dungeon crawl through post-apocalyptic Sweden? Or puzzle your way through a mechanized wonderland?

The pack - all of which are available via Steam or Desura - include the likes of Talawa Games' puzzling Unmechanical post-apocalyptic RTS dungeon crawler Krater, 2D platformer Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory - in which you struggle to avoid becoming both sweet and baked - mystery exploration platformer OIO, and, for those who like their horror with Grimm undertones, The Path.

As per usual, it's pay-as-you-please, with the minimum - at the moment, anyway - being $5.43. Put in as much as $8 and you could get this CoLD SToRAGE album for your very own. There's six days left to go, and the earlier you buy the cheaper it will probably be. If any of these appeal, hie thee over to the Bundle factory!

Source: Indie Royale


CoLD SToRAGE? Now there's a name I haven't heard in ages. That alone might get me to buy this.

I missed out on The Path back when it was all the rage and I've been really intrigued by Krater. Take my money!


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