New Deadly Premonition Title "Definitely" Coming

New Deadly Premonition Title "Definitely" Coming


The most polarizing title of 2010 will get a follow up.

Deadly Premonition made headlines in early 2010, but it wasn't due to overwhelming acclaim or universal panning - it was a mix of both. The horror title received some of the most remarkably varying ratings of any game in recent memory, and whether you loved or hated it (or loved to hate it), the franchise's creator Hidetaka Suehiro wants you to know that he's not finished.

Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, Suehiro - who often goes by the singular moniker "Swery" - explains that he's currently in talks for a followup to the polarizing title, though whether it will be a true sequel is yet to be determined.

"I'm in discussion with Tomio (the producer of the first title) about the future of Deadly Premontion," Swery reveals. "It may not be Deadly Premonition 2 but it's definitely going to be something. At the moment we're talking about how it might be interesting to set the game in Europe."

The original Deadly Premonition, which was a 360 exclusive, scored in the high 60s on Metacritic, but that score doesn't adequately explain how much the title split the critics. For example, many publications scored the game in the high 80s - with Jim Sterling even offering a 10/10 in his Destructoid review - while others such as IGN bashing the game with scores as low as 2/10.

PS3 owners in the U.S. and Europe will get their first chance to experience Deadly Premonition this coming April in Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut.

Source: PlayStation Blog


I saw this coming and it gave me cancer.

Huh. Coincidentally, I'm playing through the first at the moment.
Certainly flawed, and swings between hilarious and horrifying at a rather alarming rate, but oddly compelling as well.
(isn't that right, Zach?)

I'd buy a sequel, just to see if Swery can capture that sort of idiotic ingenuity again - and hopefully some of the more "WTF" bits might get an explanation, too.

I feel ashamed that I completely forgot that that's coming to the PS3 in April.

Where the hell are my priorities?

Anyways, color me curious. If it's gonna be weird and quirky then I'm all on board.

Awesome. Gonna get the Director's Cut to experience this game. Glad to see that a sequel is gonna happen.

after the sandwich scene he should better team up with barry

Yes. Oh hell yes. Do want. Excuse me while I get my wallet. I need to start throwing money at the screen for a while...

Weird? Check. Quirky? Check. The gameplay can be clunky at best, the graphics are subpar, and its just WEIRD. Yet, I love this game. The japanese brand of games like this do not normally appeal to me at all, but I love this game. Maybe its subliminal messaging in it, or something... but I cannot stress enough that you people should hang in there on this game and play it all the way through. I think alot of people will be absolutely surprised at how much they really will like this game. Watch out for the alphabet popping up in your coffee!!! :)


Anyways, color me curious. If it's gonna be weird and quirky then I'm all on board.

You are going to be in for a treat, then. This game is about as weird and quirky as one can get. It is Twin Peaks: The Game. And it is amazing. :D



Anyways, color me curious. If it's gonna be weird and quirky then I'm all on board.

You are going to be in for a treat, then. This game is about as weird and quirky as one can get. It is Twin Peaks: The Game. And it is amazing. :D

That's what I hear and I'm totally on board for that.

I suppose I meant what the coming project is, but still, I'm totally excited for both. :D

Oh fuck yes. Director's cut, then a sequel. I'm so on board for this.

I liked Deadly Premonition a lot. Basically it was the flip side of "Alan Wake", it delivered on what "Alan Wake" promised in terms of creating a rural/small town sandbox horror settng, but didn't have the budget to really refine it's graphics, or gameplay.

If the idea could be done with a higher budget and better technology it would probably be the best horror title ever, proably what Silent Hill was for horror games at one time, for a newer generation.

DP is one of those games I point to as a sort of proof of concept to show that something CAN done (for a number of things), rather than a matter of impossibility, it's people not wanting to invest the budget into doing them well.

I found this interview with Swery to be far more informative, actually.

Pours some milk in his coffee

The faith is strong in this title

*seriously this game needs to come to EVERY platform ;) Its so flawed. Like a puppy that is blind in one eye and has a droopy ear but it is still so cute.

All Deadly Premonition needed was to remove the combat from the game. That would have made it perfect.

This makes me very happy. I sort of hope that they don't do a direct sequel but something else in the same vein. A good chunk of the fun from the first game was watching the main character's personality come to light through out the game. If they keep him I'm afraid they'd negate his character development (maybe not but my first impression is that I'd like a fresh slate for all the weirdness to play out with)

I fucking love Deadly premonition. I already own it on the xb360 but i'm going to double dip for that ps3 release and the sequel is a day one purchase.

The coffee was right...Zach, looks like it's time for round two.


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