Multiplayer in Europa Universalis 4 Is Actually Fun

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Of the 320 hours I've spent playing Eu3, not a single one has been in multiplayer, for the simple reason that I've never been able to get it to work. So if they've fixed up the netcode and have proper steam integration then I'm actually pretty excited about getting to stab some friends in the back :D


I'd hoped that CK2 would have improved the MP, but nope! What the hell Paradox!




That said, I play Paradox, Total War, and Civilization and none could really be called "casual". Just different flavours of strategy. Though Paradox games are the least accessible of the three.

I play all 3 of them as well. Merely i was pointing out that if she was playing, say, Civilization 4 or C&C, jumping into a Paradox game after a break may not be a best start.

I also play all 3 of them. I love the Paradox games, but the problem they have is that the tutorial really sucks. When i read a guide of Total War or Civ is because i want to know the best strategy possible.

But when i read a guide of a Paradox game is because i want to know HOW TO PLAY THE GAME. They are not difficult, they are not "hardcore". They I just are poorly explained.

If you think Paradox games are not complex then you simply dont micromanage. Tutorials for such games are hard, because there is so many things. its like writting a tutorial for.... actually i ran out of ideas to compare. strange. well its so complex and dependant on situation you neeed to pretty much play whole game thoughm ultiple times. and you can do that without tutorial and there is that. i do agree that current tutorials are poor. at first i was like "WTF" you havent even explained half the buttons. had a few bad matches, learn stuff the hard way, now loving the game. yeah, try being soviets in HOI and start 5 wars at the begining of game. see how well you do :P (those damn rebels will eat your economy).
Well you played paradox games so you should have no problem joniing them again. in this case my original comment was unnecessary. have fun. thats the most improtant part.


i help out on the forums of HOI3, and to be fair the tutorial for HOI3 would take 6 months to write up and you still would only pass 25% of it on.

you know i go around telling people that the best gaming community ever is that of paradox players, you do simply amazing job on those forums.


i help out on the forums of HOI3, and to be fair the tutorial for HOI3 would take 6 months to write up and you still would only pass 25% of it on.

you know i go around telling people that the best gaming community ever is that of paradox players, you do simply amazing job on those forums.


i was involved in there OT and know a couple of demi-mods, and the rules are... rather strict, the servers are in Sweden, no first amendment here bitches, so obey or STFU and PRTFO

i was simply pointing out that the tutorials are rather shit yes, but anything better is almost a game in itself.

have you seen the bloody wiki for HOI3? its crazy stupid, and the bots getting it locked down haven't helped things either.

if you have played the games, try and explain the features to a new player, the cliffs at least as steep as the economics of the X3 games (basically Eve lite, single player)

the ideas that PS2 and tribes brought in of using YT and commentators to explain by showing are the way it needs to go.

you can't really direct people in any grand strategy game, it becomes TLDR very very quickly

Smiley Face:
A lot of this sounds like what I went through back when I used to play Diplomacy. Talk with everyone, and if someone leaves a big enough opening, blitz them for all you're worth.

I recommend you trying Crusader Kings 2 first, it's more casual, but alot of fun!
Not only a strategy game but a Strategy RPG.

Me and 3 friends are playing a game where we are all 4 muslim rulers in Saudi-Arabia,
we wanted to create the Kingdom of Arabia, but something went wrong..

One of my vassals (A human player)created a duchy for him own, making him leave my realm!
This was a stick in the wheel for our plans! And after that I heard one my my other vassals (also human)
typing on his keyboard (We were talking in Skype at the same time) I knew he was scheming against me!
He and the other one had plans! So I put him in jail and removed all of his titles. That forced him to seek exile
at the other human player who abandoned me.

While they were trying to survive, me and the third player, who was still loyal to me tried to expand.
And so we did, but not in Arabia, we went for the jews in Ethiopia! And we got it, thereafter we expanded to Nubia.
And guess what, I managed to create the Sultante of Nubia! Joy to the world!
After that everything went right! I took over Somalia, creating the Sultanate of Ifid, I conquered Ethiopia, becoming
Sultan of Ethiopia too!

Now the guy I send to jail, or rather his sons son or something like that approched me.
He knew I was growing larger and more powerful! He wanted to betray the guy who betrayed me!
After consulting my human friend we decided to agree with his demands. (He wanted northern Saudi Arabia)

So when that happened the first guy who left me was alone. I asked him to join my nation, but he said no.
But after a few decades he approched me, said he would join me if I gave him Oman, I agreed.
So here we are, not even half way into the game, I am ruler of Ethiopia, Ibid, Nubia & Arabia!

Our next goal was quite hard, to the Northeast we had the great Persian empire, and to the northeast the great Egyptian Sultanate. We wanted the rest of Arabia, so we declared a holy war (We are sunnis, they are shia) against Egypt while they were at war with the Persians! It all went well... Until they got a peace-treaty with Persia! We saw thousands of Egyptians marching towards us!

The first battle was horrible, we lost 24% warscore and we thought the war was lost!
But we recruited more holy warriors and mercenaries, and luckely Egypt decided to split his troops! And we
managed to retake Media, Mecca & the rest of the provinces we wanted, giving us 100% warscore! We accepted!

And here we are now! Our next goal is to take out all of Egypt! We need to create an empire!
A Sultanate is not enough!

I hope this post might inspire you to try it out! :)

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