"Alien Noire" Countdown Points to Prey 2

"Alien Noire" Countdown Points to Prey 2


A bizarre alien countdown is ticking away, and Tommy needs your help.

It's been almost five years since we - good lord, I - announced that the sequel to the 2006 shooter Prey was in the works. Since then we've seen a couple of live-action trailers indicating that the game was heading in a completely unexpected direction, the return of the original protagonist, delays, contract disputes and most recently, a statement that the game isn't canceled but is instead just "in limbo," whatever that means.

That may be about to change, however. Point yourself at aliennoire.com and you'll be greeted by what is apparently a countdown, and while my first thought was that a downed Predator was getting ready to blow up the internet, the good folks at NeoGAF say that it actually appears to be a Prey 2 countdown. That belief came from the presence of the terms Prey, Prey 2, FPS, Bethesda Softworks, Human Head Studios and Alien Noire in the page source code. Those words have since been removed and replaced with the far more cryptic "Tommy needs your help," an obvious reference to the lead character in Prey; the logo at the top of the countdown is also very similar to the real Prey 2 logo.

It is of course quite possible that the whole thing is fake. Setting up such a strange countdown and then letting the cat out of the bag with keywords in the source code is awfully clumsy, and according to a /whois the domain name registrant is "The Collective," based out of Tahlequah, OK. Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee Nation - the aforementioned Tommy is Cherokee and lives in Oklahoma - while the Collective, according to an old Xbox360Achievements preview, is a group from Prey 2.

So is it real or is it fake? My money is on real, for no particular reason except that I enjoyed Prey, I thought Prey 2 looked very promising and I'd really like to see it finally come to fruition. Either way, it'll be awhile before we find out; the countdown will hit zero in a little less than 25 days, meaning that March 1 is when the truth will be revealed.

Source: aliennoire.com, via NeoGAF


I hope it's not a fake. I really want Prey 2 to come out, it looks so good. One of the few games where the gameplay actually looked like what was shown during the trailers.

It seems that their plan of releasing this game alongside of a superior competitor (Cyberpunk 2077) is going along nicely.

Like seriously, this game should have been released a long time ago because it could have been a huge smash, I still dont know if Cyberpunk 2077 will be good but there is a reason why Sleeping Dogs didnt release at the same time of GTAV or Saints Row The Third.

It seems that their plan of releasing this game alongside of a superior competitor (Cyberpunk 2077) is going along nicely.

I thought Cyberpunk 2077 was some sort of Deus Ex-esque shooter-rpg hybrid.

From what I can remember Prey 2 will be more like Boba Fett: The Game. Something I was extremely excited about when I first learned of it. And when the gameplay started showing I got even more excited. Now this news is filling me with hope again. Huzzah!

I'll just leave this here to freshen up everyone's memory.

Good grief does that look fantastic. A breathe of fresh air in the shooter genre.




I am still excited about this game, the thing is that if it fails in the sales department you know who will be the one to take the fall for that.

Pleeeease let this be real I want this game damn it!
Yeah that's all I really have to say I have been bighting my nails about this game for all of 2012.
I had a feeling once Dishonored was out of the way we would be hearing about this game again.

Oh hell yes. I was genuinely saddened when I found out this game might never see the light of day, so this is great news. If I remember correctly my local charity store has a copy of Prey... Might go pick that up while we wait for an update.

IT's about time there is some news about this. Now to figure out how to get a playthrough in on the original.

I had completely forgotten about Prey 2, time to get excited again.

Interesting timer... isn't exactly hard to figure it out, though. Here's what I was able to determine from it:

20945XX Seconds
34908 minutes
581 hours
24 days

I wrote those down a few minutes ago, so they obviously aren't up to date. All the same, whatever this thing is counting down to is obviously gonna happen pretty soon, as in within the next 24-25 days. I'm looking forward to it ^^


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