Zaeed Massani Voice Actor Dies

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Awww, man... :'(

Respect and R.I.P

Zaeed was a thing? I parked his ass on my ship and left him there. Boring character, annoying voice, and the one time I drug him out to do his storyline it amounted to nothing. Bang up job.

Sad to hear his actor died, but it doesn't rate very high on my care meter.

Sniper Team 4:
Best line out of the entire series. This really is very sad. Who did he play on Babylon 5? Because I love that show, but I can't place any character he played.

He played several supporting characters, Narn and Minbari, which is probably why you don't recognize him. I didn't either.

Well that's just goddamn depressing.

I really liked Zaeed, despite hardly ever using him. But the character wouldn't have been anywhere near as likable as he was if it wasn't for the voice actor behind him.

I can't hear that voice and not think "Lets go be big goddamn heroes!" and "I was just waxing goddamn nostalgic", no matter what he was in. I'm really going to miss this guy's voice work.

He even looks kind of badass, at least in that photo.

true that, i feel like if they lowered that picture his belt would be loaded with inferno grenades.

OT: I actually really liked his voice acting and zaeed is one of my favorites to have along in me2, such a shame.

That sucks, he had a great voice. Rest in peace

While Zaeed Massani might not have been my most favourite of all the characters, he had the most badass voice out the lot, which I loved, which is obviously down to Mr Sachs.

RIP you big goddamned hero.

RIP Robin Sachs.

I've seen a couple of the things he's been in, along with his performance in ME2 and 3. He's an awesome actor; shame to learn that he's dead. Hope that his loved ones get over it soon.

"Figured it would end something like this..."

Now I feel bad Zaeed died on my first ME2 playthrough... Even though I didn't use Zaeed that much compared to Grunt, Tali or Legion, I still found his character to be an interesting one.

'sniff' I'll raise a glass in your name the next time I get a drink, Mr. Sachs.

If nothing else than making going after Mordin and Garrus on Omega a fun and enjoyable time.

Here's to hoping he went out in his sleep?

And the one time he wasn't the one to make it out.

RIP Mr. Sachs. I'm going to watch some GQ and raise a glass in your honour.

What!? No!

Well that sucks, probably still won't stop me from reading with his voice though.
(Yes, I do read with Zaeeds voice, I just add in a bunch of "goddam"s)

A mighty voice for one of my favourite characters. May he rest in peace.


My sole view is worth all but nothing, but his awesomeness will be missed.

im thinking about going back into mass effect 2 and listening to some of zaeed's stories. anybody else?

Zaeed is one of my most favorite characters in ME2 -_-

Wish him to be ok wherever he is now.

That is Goddamn sad, the entertainment world is a little emptier without the casual badassness of his voice. RIP.

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