John Carmack Argues Against Native Linux Games

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And the MAJOR change since the days of Quake is the rise of Ubuntu


Yeah about that.... Valve is the SECOND gaming option in Ubuntu and it is in BETA, and you have to manually install it so not really going to pay attention to that. When they get an official release that is not in trial stages and can be installed from the Canonical software sources THEN I will pay attention to some figures.

Valve has nothing to do with the usage of Ubuntu. I made no comment about the gaming side I was pointing out the ease of use drawing more people to a single OS that is NOT charging the hell out of you for software.

When your original comment asserts that there has been a major change since the days of Quake as a challenge to the statement that id tried Linux and it wasn't worth it, in the context of a conversation about the benefit of dedicating resources to build a native Linux client for games, yes, you did comment about the gaming side.

My link to the valve hardware survey was meant to show that the best publicly available reference for what kind of PC's gamers are using indicates Ubuntu is just over 1.1% of users. Maybe Valve can grow that segment once their stuff gets out of beta, but don't expect anyone else to change their mind while the potential audience is a 1% slice of the money pie. For comparison, all reported versions of OSX sum to about 3.5% despite Macs significantly growing in popularity over the last few years. I'd be surprised if Ubuntu amounts to much more than that, at least within the next 2-3 years.

Yes, yes, OSX is only available for a fraction of Steam's library, so there's some self-reinforcing prejudice here that gamers will have a copy of windows because that's what games are made to support, therefore the numbers will continue to favor windows, therefore games will continue to be made with a preference for windows because that's where the biggest audience is, therefore gamers will continue to keep a copy of windows on hand. My point is, if OSX has had steamplay support for what, about 2 years(?), and still hasn't made much of an impact because very few developers are willing to invest resources in supporting it, Ubuntu is unlikely to fare much better. Not because people aren't using it, but because people aren't buying games for it. Yes, again, the catch-22. They can't buy something that doesn't exist, but it will never exist if they don't buy it.

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