Skyrim Hi-Res Texture Pack Gets Huge Update

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Yeah, just a heads up that those specs are minimum for launching and running the game at maybe 30 fps. Getting it to actually look nice will need quite a bit more than that.

1. No. They're the "Recommended" specs, which means they're what's required to run the game at recommended settings [Usually Max] and with the HD texture pack at a playable FPS that varies between 30 and 60 dependent on the developer. Basically, you have that and you're set, even though its half a decade old. Skyrim ain't that power hungry TBH. The only time it becomes power hungry is when you install 20Gb of graphics mods.
2. The minimum requirements of the game are actually a dual core processor at 2.0Ghz, 2Gb RAM and a DX9 card with 512 Mb of RAM, and you could have that sort of rig back in 2003, a decade ago. If you have a brick, you can play Skyrim running at maybe 30FPS.

Basically, no. Those are not the minimum requirements to launch the game at 30FPS, they are the recommended requirements for playing the game, which generally means you'll play it max settings at either 30 or 60FPS. In both cases, its still rather low system specs that people really should be able to meet, or they need to upgrade their computer - and not just for gaming. You'll notice massive performance increases in pretty much all aspects if you're still using the minimum required rig and you upgrade to something like the recommended, let alone if you have something beneath the minimum requirements...
Skyrim ain't that much of a power hungry game. Its not the best optimized, but that doesn't change the fact that it was made to run on 8YO hardware, and runs on 10YO hardware anyway - with 5YO hardware maxing it out. The fan made content is what makes it a strain for modern computers, and even that's largely an engine issue more than a hardware issue.

So that's why my internet has been slow. Cool for Bethesda to do that. I may turn it back on, but I've been happy with the fan mods for it so who knows.

Quiver before the need for a DirectX 9 graphics card!

Quiver before the need for a DirectX 9 graphics card!

Damn them and their demands for modernity! WE SHALL RESIST!

Weird, I don't seem to have it...or I do and haven't noticed a difference.

I have all my settings at Ultra and my Data Files say that I have HighResPack3 I have no idea why it looks the same as always.

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