Connecticut Ponders Two More Videogame Laws

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Is the escapist reprinting 40 year old articles or something?

"Are you a God fearing woman, Senator? That is such a strange phrase. I've always thought of God as a teacher; a bringer of light, wisdom and understanding. You see, I think what you really fear is me. Me and my kind. The Brotherhood of Gamers. Oh, it's not so surprising really. Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand. Well, don't fear God, Sentator, and certainly don't fear me. Not any more."

Ah, nothing like a quote, paraphrased of course.

The state is liberal enough to legalise pot but still wants to try to limit the sales of M-rated games?

I keep forgetting, do films come under this much scrutiny? I mean I worked at Walmart for a while and we did ID checks on R-rated films and M-rated games but there was no official law against it, just store policy.

No surprise, really- too cowardly to do anything about REAL guns (you know, the weapons that CAN ACTUALLY KILL PEOPLE) they decide to try and ban plastic guns instead so it looks like they're doing something. Classic. Fuck these guys.

Not quite what we had in mind when we asked for greater regulations on guns.

I would actually care if it was anything but arcades.

I mean, arcades are cool and all, but how many are left?


hope they don't remove the house of the dead machines from the places i play arcade games. those ones are the shit. i mean, i can sorta but only a slightly understand removing time crisis(even though those games are also the shit) but could they ever remove a game where the only enemy is demonic(or something) creatures that are trying to kill you? also isn't it worth pointing out that the enemies in time crisis are always terrorist or some type of bio weapon, from what little i remember of the fourth game. seriously. this sucks huge donkey dick. i mad, Connecticut. i mad.

also yeah i live in NYC but that's literally a 3 hour drive away, and Bloomburger is pretty left wing for a person on the republican ballot. so i dunno. fingers crossed they don't bring these shitty laws to NYC or Westchester. bluh

Almost thought we had another round of the Name That Party game going again but nope. Scott Frantz is an R, the other two are D's. Progress, sort of.

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