Porter Ports Portal to Portable

Porter Ports Portal to Portable

Here's a version of Portal for the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DS homebrew scene is - I'm sorry about this one - obviouslystill alive. The robust little community boasts a number of projects, from emulators to ports to full-fledged games, but few are quite as impressive as this pared down version of Valve's much-loved puzzler, Portal.

Sure, the game is looking a bit worse for wear, it has to run on handheld hardware that's nearly a decade-old, but a lot of the Portal staples seem to have made the transition. That being said, the weighted companion cube's fear of elevators seems to be a new addition.

This footage was taken from a version of the game running on an emulator, but according to modder, Smea, the beefier PC hardware hinders more than it helps.

"Also, keep in mind this was shot in an emulator which provides good but still less than perfect rendering," he explains. "As such, be aware that most (not all, but still) of the graphical glitches you can see in this video don't happen on hardware (mostly the portal transition is a lot nicer on an actual DS)."

Smea's previous work includes a handful of finished homebrew games and a basic, but still impressive, port of Minecraft.

Now, I wonder if it'll run on a potato.

Source: GoNintendo


Alitterative appeal! :-D

I wanna play this now; such an interesting art style the modder's using.

Puns, references, and wordplay abound.

Now this is a good article.

Wait a moment: The DS is almost 10 years old?

Hang on, I need to go pluck my grey hairs.

Practical Intellectual property proliferation provides pleasurable procrastination pretense.
And we all know you're not really sorry Grey.

Valve, any chance of a PSP Vita port of the source engine?

I'd have a reason to buy a Vita then, and give you yet more money.

vita portal would be awesome. Shut up and take my money valve!

I suppose this is a case to Mod my DSi then.

It may look rough, but that's still pretty damn impressive! I'd love to play it just to see how it feels on the 3DS.

Starlite gets a cease and desist from Blizzard, but this will probably get someone a comfy new job where they belong. Why are there so few companies worth liking?

Damn, I'm impressed. Hopefully Valve aren't assholes and C&D this guy.

Psst. Hey Valve. Vaaaaalve.
You want some more money?
Well there's these things called 'Handhelds'.
Yeah, well this guy could help you make more money from these alleged 'Handhelds'.

Think about it.

"But Flash Carts are only used for PIRACY! Whaaaaaaa!"
It's funny to think that I got a warning before for admitting I own the device that the game in this article is intended to run on.

Personal gripes about semi-related matters aside, it's good to see the DS homebrew scene still going strong, I haven't followed it in the past few years and was worried it'd fall out of favour like the PSP scene did.


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