Microsoft Opens Los Angeles Xbox Entertainment Studios

Microsoft Opens Los Angeles Xbox Entertainment Studios


Microsoft wants your TV to become interactive and more engaging, and that includes its NUads.

Microsoft is going into the content creation business, and has put together its own LA outfit, Xbox Entertainment Studios, headed by Nancy Tellem, Microsoft's president of entertainment and digital media. Tellem believes we're at "the start of the next wave of truly interactive entertainment," and wants to be one of its pioneers.

"When I worked in traditional TV," says Tellem, a former president of CBS Television Studios, "we would find ourselves saying things like 'Wouldn't it be cool if we could add an interactive aspect directly into the show and engage directly with the viewers?' With Xbox, that is possible today."

But it isn't just interactive entertainment Xbox is offering; it also wants what it calls NUads, or interactive advertising, the creation of which will be part of the new studio's remit. "NUads enable natural interactivity using the simplicity of a spoken word or the wave of a hand," claims Microsoft, and the first wave of NUad testing has seen "a record level of consumer engagement," with 37% of viewers responding.

"We want to partner with the industry to bring entertainment into a new era," Tellem concludes. "It's an era when interactive entertainment becomes the greatest form of all entertainment - and we couldn't be more excited to play a part in it."

Source: Microsoft


Sounds like someone has been playing Dragon's Lair.

Are these going to be like those stupid Verizon commercials that show the graph and go 'lulz which one would you choose' and then pretend you clicked the Verizon one every time? Because that's not 'interaction' that's adding a few extra seconds to the stupid ad I don't care about anyways.

Just make fucking games, god, is it that hard to understand?

Ehh I could see where it would be nice.... "oh another drug commercial for the latest antidepressant. XBOX NEXT COMMERCIAL!" If they had it so you would have to watch so many commercials in breaks it would at least be nice to see the ones I want to see.

I believe that on the mass market this will be mostly exploited by allowing any sort of movement or sound detection to trigger viewing an ad, at any given point in time, like a pop up from Skynet.


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