Join The Escapist Live for Aliens: Colonial Marines!

Join The Escapist Live for Aliens: Colonial Marines!


Let's hold hands as we take a trip to LV-426, today at 6pm EST.

Update: It's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun. And by fun I mean dumb enemies, screen tearing, and EGGS. Be sure to follow our channel for more streams in the very near future!

If you read our review of Aliens: Colonial Marines, you already know that the game didn't quite live up to our expectations. But now it's time to go eyes-on as we play through some campaign missions and online multiplayer live on!

You can watch the stream one of two ways: Either right here on this very post or on The Escapist's official page. Those who wish to comment and chat with other viewers and the broadcaster will need to use the official Twitch page.

Remember, if you want up-to-the-minute updated on when our streams go live, be sure to click the "Follow" button on our Twitch page. Also, feel free to hit us up with suggestions and ideas for future streams!


Hi, I made the suggestion in the other thread but in case you didn't notice it out of the flurry of activity in the front page I'll go ahead and quote myself. (excuse the laziness :P)


As for what I'd like to see on an ideal stream. Fighting games!

You guys should fight each-other or perhaps even host online lobbies where fans can get to play with you. I think that would be awesome.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend would be my pick, if we're going for a specific game. It's so much fun! There's also the recent PSN release of Guilty Gear Accent Core plus, that's a good one too.

Oh and to expand upon my above suggestion. It is a recent practice within the "anime style" fighting game community to do these streaming matches. People clamor for a chance to show their play to their online friends but lack the means to produce videos themselves. You'd be allowing them to do so by handling the streaming and just inviting them to play. All they'd need is their ps3 and they're in!

It's a really great thing and I'd love to play some games with you escapist staff folks! Please consider it and if you have any questions, ask away! :)


Here's an example of such a thing, with yours truly participating;
(my matches come up around the 8:10 mark)

We even had a funny announcer...I can see Susan filling that role with lethal hilarity.

I edited out the irrelevant to the suggestion bits of my posts where I mentioned stuff about the neverwinter stream...I hope this offsets the laziness. XD

I am going to force myself to watch this live stream in repentance for getting my hopes up for this game. Gearbox I am disappoint.

Maybe everyone will show up to play but end up playing something else.

Would be nice if it didn't skip so damn much.

So much fun! Makes me want to play avp2. Can we have Susan livestream amy next? Please? Maybe make a month of bad games that you livestream!

So does the game have any explanation for the "Special Infected" aliens, or were we just supposed to accept stupid stuff because Gearbox felt like cloning Left 4 Dead?

I am loving the live stream. Thank you guys for this.


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