Ether One Takes Puzzles Into Your Brain

Ether One Takes Puzzles Into Your Brain

This adventure puzzler's come up with a surreal trailer, and the developer wants your Greenlight help.

It's the mid twentieth century, and you're a Restorer; a kind of mind technician, sent in to fix other people's broken memories. Trouble is, you're a bit broken yourself, and things - as you can see from the trailer - just aren't getting any better, either for you, or your client Jean, whose memories you're meant to be repairing.

This one's the brainchild of developer White Paper Games, and it hopes to have the finished product out there by summer 2013. Ether One is actually the first in a two part series, in which you restructure the mental landscape around you by solving mind puzzles. Exploration could be very rewarding, particularly if you rummage around in the right spots, but don't be too slow; I doubt those folks with the needle have your best interests at heart.

"The main aim of the trailer," says White Paper in its blog, "was to showcase the best of our gameplay in a contained amount of time - quite a hard tasks for a game such as ours which really requires you to immerse yourself in the world." If you like what you see, why not give it a Greenlight vote? Or head over to the game's website, for further information.

Source: PC Gamer


The premise sounds very exciting, but I'm afraid it might suffer from Dear Esther syndrome.

I could use one of those Restorers in MY brain.
That row boat seems like it's going to be a theme, but at this point it could be ether oar.

psychonauts and inception mixed together?

this will either be good or suck all life out of you by being incredible arwful.

The premise sounds very exciting, but I'm afraid it might suffer from Dear Esther syndrome.

"Suffer", "Dear Esther syndrome"?
If this game is anything like Dear Esther in terms of story telling, sound-design...well, immersion in general, then this will probably become one of my favorites.
Dear Esther never intended to have "real" gameplay and people still cried all the time. This looks different though. I just hope they don't screw up.

For some reason, that camera motion made me rather nauseous... not in a hurry to play that.


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