Aliens: Colonial Marines Suffers Save Wipe Bug on Xbox 360

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Geez, the never ending cavalcade of errors is just marching along, isn't it?

Gearbox should be getting more flak for this then BioWare did for the ME3 fiasco.

im going to have to agree with this, its just embarrasing how messed up this game is

...This is not going well, is it?

As bad as I feel for the people who had high hopes for this game, this trainwreck of a game is in some ways reasonably hilarious.

A bad case of adding-insult-to-injuritis.

No no no no! Don't you see? The X-box is simply trying to protect you!

See, even the Xbox 360 knows how bad this game is and the second it's saved the system simply goes "Oh HELL NAW!" and promptly deletes it from it's hard-drive. It's done because it knows what effect this game will have on the players, and also because it can't stand having it on it's system.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

My save on PS3 disappeared. Not really a bug, since I did it on purpose, but yeah. Shitty game is shitty.

Anti-American Eagle:
Why do I see nobody defending this game... I've been playing it since launch and I like it, it's not glorious but it's fun.

Nobody even gave the damned game a chance, and what do you get, a bunch of people who jumped on the troll bandwagon, like they did with brink or too human. How many of you have actually played the game without just marching to the rhythm of the reviewers wardrums.
Don't trust reviewers, they spew opinion or get payed to lie.

Now stop bashing something you've never even touched.

EDIT: I can't wait for Yahtzee to "playfully" attack it and watch you people take it for gospel.

The thing you need to understand about the reaction to this game is that it's less that the game isn't so much "bad as it is "really disappointing." Between the love for the license and the frankly much better looking demo, expectations were set quite high for this game. So when the game fails to meet these expectations by such a wide margin coupled with some potentially dubious moves by Gearbox pre-release you've got the ingredients for a pretty big backlash.




Wait a minute here. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean that game save data isn't normally saved on the 360's they're being played on by design??? Is it basically cloud storage of your game save? That can't be, can it? Surely you can back up your data to a thumb drive or something.

Can anybody confirm/deny this?

Yeah there is no physical save data on your 360 HDD in the Aliens where the installed game and bonus content is stored. Just like Left 4 Dead.

Okay. So how do people play it offline and have their stats and all still saved? Because I've played both Left 4 Dead and Aliens offline and don't have it saved elsewhere. In fact, I've never gone online with my Aliens.

Wizards!!!!! They live in your 360

"Oooh, look at it burn! It just keep burning, more and more!

Very firey, and trainwrecky. Sure is a good day to not be on that train."

The condensed form of every post above, and I agree.

Wow, this game is cursed.

Or Gearbox is. By finishing Duke Nukem Forever they gave life to That Which Was Not Meant To Be, and now they're suffering cosmic retribution.

Duke Nukem Forever opened the gates to hell and now they are a company controlled by demons using human bodies as puppets in their evil goal. They want to turn all world into lunatic sinners by making them mad from playing these awful games they make.

Are saves seriously not local? Why is that? Why did no one cover this?

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