China Opens Unofficial League of Legends Restaurant

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Like Dandark, I'm also glad that copyright lawyers cannot reach China. I think they've gone completely overboard in the US, where companies are just bullshitting other companies for the sake of trying to make a quick buck. If they were in the US, I'm sure that Riot would get a portion of the money, but I'd hope that they'd actually allow such a place for the entertainment and advertisement purposes.

Except this isn't "Companies bullshitting other companies" This is a case of someone that had no stake or risk in the development of League of Legends profiting off the hard work of others. This is the true motive of copyright law. This is why it exists. This is what copyright law is meant to prevent.

No, this right here is bootlegging.

And it's bullshit.

"al report damacia 4 feed stoopid aisans write boxboxboxbox get cancer bg noob team uninstall im afk"

I truly wish that they have a Mordekaiser meal which is just a chunk of metal.

Dude, with cake you can make it look like anything.....It would have to be stale cake though.

In China copyrights mean nothing.. nothing at all. I guess a human life doesn't means nothing either there.. just having a feeling. So many people there.

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