GameStop CEO Says "Wow" to Battlefield 4 Preview

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Hahaha. What I love is that the big Battlefield 3 Origin sale, despite it now being 2013 and well after the release of the game, slashed the price of the Premium Edition from £45 to £26.

But Battlefield 3 Premium Edition has been sold on Amazon for at least a year at about £32. Literally the standard retail price for this game is about as good as their sale price (in relation to the £45 original price tag). EA really, really have no clue how to conduct business. See also: all the Sims 3 releases on the Origin home page. Hundreds of pounds of DLC. £30 "expansions" that are small, inconsequential features.

In fact, Sims 3 is some kind of money-grabbing utopia. A full price game, with over-priced DLC, AND in-game microtransactions. Fuck off, EA, and get your malarkey out of my Battlefield.

I know that BF3 is just Call of Duty-aping modern military shooter crap, but the multiplayer is kind of fun in its own way. But the more I see of EA fiddling with the release schedule and content plans, the more I see a once-great franchise pounded into muck by EA's Icarus-like hubris. Their preposterous greed.

And now I'm sad.

HEY! there is a huge difference between losing your mind and wanting to play inception with a giant burning chemical reaction, hehehe best third degree burns evaRRRR! And just wanting ALL the MONEYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... Yesss Preciouusssssssssss... So don't insult Icarus with a totaly out of kilter comparison. EA has no soul, but Icarus probaly had just a little too much.

CEO of Brick and Mortar Retail Shop
"EA's new game is the shit dog"
"Thanks!, here's a link to a sale that doesn't apply to your store"

The Origin marketing people are doing it for the lulz, clearly.

Well obviously he's not gonna go ''hey u gaize dis ga3m is sh1t end u gaize shud not buy it in our shops at all, kk?''.

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