GameStop CEO Says "Wow" to Battlefield 4 Preview

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Hahaha. What I love is that the big Battlefield 3 Origin sale, despite it now being 2013 and well after the release of the game, slashed the price of the Premium Edition from 45 to 26.

But Battlefield 3 Premium Edition has been sold on Amazon for at least a year at about 32. Literally the standard retail price for this game is about as good as their sale price (in relation to the 45 original price tag). EA really, really have no clue how to conduct business. See also: all the Sims 3 releases on the Origin home page. Hundreds of pounds of DLC. 30 "expansions" that are small, inconsequential features.

In fact, Sims 3 is some kind of money-grabbing utopia. A full price game, with over-priced DLC, AND in-game microtransactions. Fuck off, EA, and get your malarkey out of my Battlefield.

I know that BF3 is just Call of Duty-aping modern military shooter crap, but the multiplayer is kind of fun in its own way. But the more I see of EA fiddling with the release schedule and content plans, the more I see a once-great franchise pounded into muck by EA's Icarus-like hubris. Their preposterous greed.

And now I'm sad.

HEY! there is a huge difference between losing your mind and wanting to play inception with a giant burning chemical reaction, hehehe best third degree burns evaRRRR! And just wanting ALL the MONEYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... Yesss Preciouusssssssssss... So don't insult Icarus with a totaly out of kilter comparison. EA has no soul, but Icarus probaly had just a little too much.

CEO of Brick and Mortar Retail Shop
"EA's new game is the shit dog"
"Thanks!, here's a link to a sale that doesn't apply to your store"

The Origin marketing people are doing it for the lulz, clearly.

Well obviously he's not gonna go ''hey u gaize dis ga3m is sh1t end u gaize shud not buy it in our shops at all, kk?''.

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