Sony Gives Free PSN Credit to Loyal Customers

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Sony Gives Free PSN Credit to Loyal Customers


Some loyal PSN users are finding a nice little thank you note in their inboxes this morning, along with $10 worth of PSN credit.

February 20 is the big day for Sony, when it will (hopefully) announce the Playstation 4. In what seems like a move to help celebrate that, Sony is giving loyal Playstation Network customers a small gift of Playstation Store credit. Some lucky PSN users found the following message, along with $10 worth of PSN credit in their inboxes recently:

Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of the Playstation Network. As a token of our appreciation, we've sent you $10.00 to spend in the Playstation Store! Click the link on below to redeem your credit.

There are conflicting reports on just how "loyal" of a customer you have to be order to receive the gift, with some people who recently spent as little as ten dollars getting it while others who have spent hundreds of dollars not getting anything. The only criteria we know for sure is that you have to have spent some money recently in the Playstation Store.

Sony has run campaigns like this in the past, where spending a certain amount of money would get you credit in the store, but those were usually advertised in advance. The fact that this gift came out of no-where suggests it was possibly done as a last-minute thing to generate hype.

$10 is a decent amount of credit, and can actually buy you a full game such as Hotline: Miami or Castle Crashers. It's a nice gesture from Sony, and a far cry from Microsoft's infamous "20 free Microsoft Points" (~25 cents) birthday promotion.

Source & Image: Joystiq


Hmm... Nice of Sony.
BTW, is it only for US accounts?

Got my credit. Had enough in my wallet to grab Corpse Party: Book of Shadows because of it. Feels nice that Sony are willing to give things to their customers rather than just take.

oh fuck i got it wow didn't expect that

Didn't get one, which sucks because I just started playing the PS3 again and this would've been a nice incentive to keep going with it :(

*Man walks up to Jack, hands him $10*

"Arigatou gozaimasu."

Oh, hey. No problem.

*Watches him walk off*

That was...unexpected.

I haven't checked my PS3 yet, but I remember getting something like this about a year ago. It surprised me, since I didn't know this was even a thing, but I was still pretty grateful. I forgot what I picked up with it, but stuff like that made me feel that there was indeed a benefit to using PSN over XBLA

Huh. I'll have to check my inbox tonight, then.

Sony really stepped up to the plate with PSN Plus. Their customer relations have been top notch.

Huh. I'll have to check my inbox tonight, then.

Sony really stepped up to the plate with PSN Plus. Their customer relations have been top notch.

You know, it kinda shows an example of how to do things right after the PSN Server fallout.

Will they continue to do this, or is it all over? Because I've been using PSN since early 2008 and I didn't get the message. I mean, it's just ten bucks in store credit, so I'm not going to complain about it too much, but like the article says, a friend of mine who only ever bought one thing over two or three years ago got the credit, but I've dropped quite a bit of money with PSN and apparantly that doesn't count as "loyal".

I saw that I got this and I was confused, thinking maybe it was a scam or something, but since it's legit I'll take advantage of it.

I got a decent amount of games over PSN (mostly classics and indie games), and the only DLC I've purchased was Playstation All-Stars related stuff. If what qualifies is us using the PSN store lately, then the Kat/Emmett DLC updates might have done it?

I've had a PS3 since MGS4 was released and I didn't get anything.....yet.

I got JACK. Got PS3 at release, have an nearly full 750GB HDD for game downloads, PS+ subscription, and still waiting for a refund for this fiasco ( ) I love the PS3, but screw you Sony. Loyalty my ass.

Never mind, retract that, I got my my $10. I unscrew you Sony.

A little more clarification than "spent more money recently" would be nice.

Well that was a nice move on Sony's part. Don't own a PS3 myself, but still, i like it!

Nothing for me. Whomp whomp... Ah well, I cant think of anything I'd buy with it anyway.

I'm guessing PS+ get this? Because I haven't gotten anything.


But I don't know what to buy. D:

Maybe I could get Tokyo Jungle. Or maybe Disgaea 2. Or maybe I'll save it for when Hotline Miami comes out.

1st. Every one who has a PS3 * [PSN] * is the official Sony contact line like in the articles image. I pointed this out because I imagine there's going to be a surge of mail all your friends to recieve X-dollars again soon. since you can always trust [PSN]
to be official business.

2nd. I'm not 100% but I think there's a way to sort of block messages coming from Sony. Otherwise I'm not sure what would be an issues with messaging "loyal" users.

I received the free $10.00 as well of course. Though I thought I was getting it for PS+ at first lol.

Still doesn't beat the console I got from Microsoft for being a loyal XBL customer, but that was very limited.

I'm not gonna complain to much, seeing how its a free gift, but I'm kinda upset I didn't get anything, seeing how I've had my PS3 since release, have played it pretty consistently since then, have been part of PS+ since it started, and recently bought some tracks for Rock Band.
Nevertheless, this is a cool idea from Sony, and really reinforces their "revolutionary" idea of rewarding and pleasing the customer rather than holding things back like other companies I could mention...

Like my quote says, "waiting patiently". No sign of it yet but if I do get the credit i'll be investing it into The Walking Dead.

I got it! TY Sony <3!

Gonna put this towards another year of PS+.

I'm just surprised that there aren't people complaining that Sony screwed them out of 10$ and threatening to sue them. (God this forum has some whiners).

I got nothing. Pitty, I wanted to finally get Journey. I've just been a bit tight in my funds lately. Would have been nice for sony to reward bascially anyone who plays a PS3, especially those who have been around for several years and have used the PSN for services more then once in the past.

I just realized... People are talking about being around since the beginning of PSN yet nobody mentions the Underground?


Yeah, I don't think I got one. I'll just pout in the dark corner of this thread.
Microsoft gives away quarter for people's birthday?

MS: Happy birthday squirt, here's a quarter!
* tussles your hair *
MS: Don't spend it all at once!

Its better than nothing I suppose.

Hmm... nothing so far and I spent quite a bit over the last couple weeks on Ni No Kuni, Front Mission 3 and a bunch of dlc for Disgaea 4. I don't feel entitled to it though, that said, it would be nice...

I got mine. Kinda nice since I bought Valkyria Chronicles 2 a few weeks back for $20 bucks only to have it drop to $10 the very next week. I do have a PS3, PS+ and a Vita.

Wonder if owning the Vita had anything to do with it.

No love here, but I'm not going to lose any sleep on it. Would be nice since I've been in the store 5 or 6 times this month re-downloading small games and buying Skyrim dlc. Then again, saved on those for having to wait so I guess one thing offsets the other a bit.

Anyway - it's a nice thing for them to do, even on /random which is probably what it is rather than any real criteria.

Psh, I've bought several things from the PSN Store, but I guess I'm not "loyal" enough to earn the reward.

I was just about to buy a small game since I just recently got a Tax rebate and was thinking of buying Okami HD (even though I have the original) but maybe Steam is a better place to spend my money.

I didn't get this 10 dollar credit, but after thanksgiving, I was given a message thanking me and giving me 10 dollars then. I bought Final Fantasy 6.

That was a good day.

Hmmm.... perhaps I'll pick up some more songs on Rocksmith if I get it.

I shall wait patiently. I just bought the One Piece DLC pack and it wouldn't work with my EU version. Would be nice to get that back....

haven't got one either i'll give it a couple of days. last thing i purchased was the Dark Souls expansion back in the beginning of January.

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