Sony Stock Drops After PS4 Event

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Ouch... well more or less serves them right for trying to *chuckle* support the Vita, abandon backwards compatibility AGAIN, and not letting you transfer PSN games from PS3 to the apparently super powerful PC that is the PS4.

I'm not saying I want them to go under if the PS4 bombs sales wise but... meh, they brought it on themselves, its time they face the consequences. I really wanted to play Watch Dogs PS3, damn you Sony!

Even though I don't own a PS3 an am more of a PC (and occasionally X360) gamer, I really don't want the PS4, or Sony for that matter, to fail. They may not be beloved by everyone, but you have to admit that they are still making bloody fine consoles and have some good game creators under their hat.

Also, Microsoft needs a competitor in the core gaming market. You don't want the XBOX 720 to become gaming's Windows 8...

That said, I agree that it was a pretty weak showing from Sony. Come on folks, get your act together.
Or, in other words:

This happens before all press releases, the stocks rise as everyone gets ready for the event and starts talking about it, then when it's done the stocks drop down to normal level again

this. stocks rise and fall all the time based on rumours and trivial events. not to mention those that tried to play off it as that gets more often. this is normal and nothing to be afraid off. yet at least. i think the stock may rise when they say that sued games will not be banned too.


Jesse Billingsley:
I'd be pissed too if some major game company said they were going to unveil their brand spanking new console to the world, and then only show us a damn controller with a damn touch screen. Woohoo I am so excited.....

Question: Why does so many people care about what the damn box looks like ? I thought the point of a console is what it's capable to do and what games it runs.

I imagine it's not a matter of not knowing what it looks like, more a feeling of if, at the point they reckon they're ready to announce to the world their brand new product, they can't muster one up to put on a peddle-stool (IT Crowd reference for you), what's wrong with it?

Huh, I genuinely did not see this one coming, I'm surpsised. I'll need to keep an eye on the situation here. But I suppose it is a bit of shoddy PR to announce a console without actually giving much information about it.

Still, as far as PR goes it was a classic stunt, and I'm still surprised it'd cause their stock to drop.

I'm not Japanese and you just made me superstitious about the PS4. But since I won't have the money for like a year or two so if they go under hopefully there will be indications by that time so I don't buy the new dreamcast.

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