Sony CEO Gives PS4 Games $0.99 to $60 Price Range

Sony CEO Gives PS4 Games $0.99 to $60 Price Range


Jack Tretton believes that gamers are "willing to pay if they see the value" in what Sony has to offer for the next generation.

Though we still don't know the price at which the PlayStation 4 will launch, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton assured CNBC that the price of software won't be rising. Stating that the console is "designed with the game developer in mind and the consumer in mind," he gave a price range of 99 cents to $60 for games, meaning we can expect comparable pricing to what we've seen this generation.

"I think people are willing to pay if they see the value there," Tretton added. Several games have been announced for the PS4, among them Activision and Bungie's Destiny, Blizzard's nine-month-old Diablo III, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, and the next games in the inFamous and Killzone series.

He also addressed complaints that Sony did not show the actual console it was announcing at Wednesday's PlayStation Meeting, explaining that gamers would care more about "what comes out of the box, not what it looks like. I can promise you that it will be plastic, it won't be triangle shaped or round. You'll see the box in due time."

The PS4 is due out at some "pre-Christmas" point this holiday season, and Tretton said we'd hear more from "several key events between now and the launch date."

Source: CNBC via Polygon


$800 Bob? "Right that is $800 for this man."

Bob I want to bid $801 "$801 for this jerk over here"

$900 Dollars Bob. "And $900 for the lady"

This does actually sound pretty good. Not every game is woth £40, so having some change in the price range is a great thing. The main problem with this, however, is that stuff below the full price is just generally regarded as shovelware, so there's gonna have to be some damn good low-price game to turn that around.

Good. Now the price of the actual console is...?

If you can sell those games at a $0.99 to $60 range in Australia, sir, you will have my money. And my gratitude. I hope you truly considered all regions when you made that promise.

This sounds like a great idea to me. One of the things I like about PS3 games is that they seem to be cheaper than games on say the 360.
For example I just got a new copy of Sly 4 for only $40, which I find to be a great deal.

$800 Bob? "Right that is $800 for this man."

Bob I want to bid $801 "$801 for this jerk over here"

$900 Dollars Bob. "And $900 for the lady"

$1 Bob! I'm not too surprised by this. Don't the PS Minis sell for $0.99? This probably confirms they will continue to do those as well as their normal AAA titles and everything in between. I think they also mentioned more mobile integration at the press conference.

I know this is going to make me sound like a right misery guts, but I kind of feel like it needs asking:

If the price of games is going to stay the same, surely that will mean rising development costs will put even more of a squeeze on developers?

I mean, here in the UK, game prices are more or less what they were during the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era. However, the cost of development has gone up exorbitantly since then. An expensive game in those days was one that cost $30-40 million to develop. Now, that's average, and more and more developers are requiring budgets north of $60 million, sometimes even $100 million. The cost of production is going up dramatically, yet the software is being sold at the same price. And crucially, games aren't selling in dramatically larger numbers than they did in the PS2/Xbox days.

I know in theory I should be happy with games staying at around £40/$60, but it seems to me that the industry is getting ever riskier and riskier. With the PS4 and Nextbox, publishers and gamers are going to demand games that push the hardware, which means developers are going to need more money to make those games. And yet, if if you're still selling your game to 2-3 million people on average, you're essentially taking in exactly the same amount in sales you were before, while the cost of production has skyrocketed.

I'm genuinely worried that this demand for ever greater visuals is going to gut the industry. Normally, if production costs go up, so to retail prices to offset that. Publishers can't keep expecting to publish games at PS2 prices, but develop them at a cost similar to Avatar.

explaining that gamers would care more about "what comes out of the box, not what it looks like. I can promise you that it will be plastic, it won't be triangle shaped or round. You'll see the box in due time."

Speak for yourself man, I was hoping for a round, metal console this generation,
and I personally have a collection of the boxes these things come in, I'm very proud of it.

It won't be triangle shaped? Darn. Guess I'll have to keep waiting for my chance to relive my fond memories of my old Coleco Telstar Arcade.

What they mean is cheap crappy apps style games for down load will be cheap. As will old PS1/PS2 games. PS3 downloaded games maybe about £20. All PS4 games will be full price.

Very reasonable. But I thought it's the publishers that decide how much to sell their games for? Maybe he is only talking about first party games.

I wouldn't be surprised to see those very high profile games from our favourite major publishers go beyond the current full price price tag. Which to be honest is also reasonable seeing as those games have insane development costs.

I'm actually more interested in how much they'll charge to start downloading PS3 games to the PS4. I've never owned a PS3, and have a great many games I want to play for it.

Since owning a Vita, I've actually had more fun downloading PSP titles I never got the chance to play, all with slightly improved graphics, a better screen, and better controls, all at pretty reasonable prices (for most games, which is £7.99).

Would be great to see the same kind of thing happen with PS3 games. If the price isn't all that good, or they don't release pretty much all PS3 games to the PS4, I might just buy the now cheaper PS3 console and have a blast buying games for that system at a cheap price.


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