Mew-Genics Sounds Horrifying and Amazing

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As a dog person, i dissaprove

Would you rather have a puppy mill simulator? I'm already envisioning the mechanics that could go into that.

As a cat person I would still play this. They're just virtual cats, nothing to get that worked up about when they die really. Just data that gets deleted in the end. I enjoyed Super Meat Boy for as much of it as I could get through, and the Binding of Isaac was really good too so I have a certain amount of faith that this will rub a similar spot while still being completely different from the stuff McMillen has done before.


All a collapse of the AAA industry would do from the consumer's perspective is knock us back to the 1990's in terms of budgets, creativity, and not screwing over your customers. How anyone could see that as a bad thing is beyond me.

It would make some things impossible though. How are you going to make an Elder Scrolls Skyrim on a 90's budget? Not all major game developers that produce 'large' titles are moneyhungry despots whose nr 1 priority is to make the most money at the expense of the customer.

Creative games and games that work well are often better than a milked franchise, but at the same time there's only so much quality you can produce with a small budget. Some games substitute quality with graphics for instance, but that doesn't change the fact that nice graphics on a game that is a good idea still add to the gameplay.

I'd name the Elder Scrolls series as an example. Skyrim would be quite different if it hadn't advanced in some of graphics since, say, Morrowind.

Pretty simple answer: the indie companies, over time, would become the big companies. We're already seeing a lot of them stepping up to mid-sized budgets, it's not too far from there for the successful ones to become the guys with the big budgets. It happened in the 90's, it would happen again. And if anything, TES is an example of the stagnation I'm talking about. Feature wise, the series peaked with Daggerfall. It hit the perfect balance of features and actually bothering to fully implement those features in Morrowind. Every game since then has been less ambitious, less of an RPG, and aimed at a "wider audience." Read: even Bethesda turned their back on what made them great when the money started flowing[1]. Why build the perfect game for a small niche when a game of lesser quality that fits a broader interest profile will sell better? Now I'm not saying the indie companies wouldn't do that, especially not after the big money started flowing in. I'm just saying it would take time, and we'd have a nice burst of creativity and non-dickishness in the meantime.

[1] Yes, Oblivion and Skyrim were/are less ambitious than the first three games, and less fully featured than the second and third. Basically every feature they've been promising would wow us in the last two games has been something that they either already did or planned to do -- but mostly the former -- in Daggerfall, then ripped out of subsequent games

Sounds awesome, really looking forward to it.

Although can you fix the horrendous typo/spelling in the article. "prospensitvy" ..... made my brain twist in knots.

Pink Gregory:
I saw the thumbnail and I thought, "This looks like an Edmund McMillen game".

Lo and behold, it is.

Certainly sounds innaresting, much as I love cats.

Every time this guy makes a game, i'm interested. He's just the right brand of nutty.

As someone who absolutely loves cats, I'm not sure I want anything to do with this. I don't think my heart could take it.

I know right, I could not play this :<

Deeply disturbing...... WANT

bI read the little excerpt from McMillen and proceeded to burst out laughing. Before this, I wasn't considering buying this game because Team Meat stuff tends to be outside of my interests, and I was never one for Tamagotchi or Animal Crossing. Now, this will probably be one of the only games I will be buying in the near future.

As someone who absolutely loves cats, I'm not sure I want anything to do with this. I don't think my heart could take it.

I second that. It looks interesting, but kitty suffering does'nt mix with me even if it is vitual. said "Steam" release. Since steam is one Windows, linux and mac, is it safe to assume that it's all 3 or is someone being unintentionally vague?

This sounds absolutely horrible.

I can't wait!

Also, can you imagine the noises Susan made when she read up about this game? "Awww, so cutAhhh! What the Fudge?"

Moonlight Butterfly:

As someone who absolutely loves cats, I'm not sure I want anything to do with this. I don't think my heart could take it.

I know right, I could not play this :<

But... if you dont play it...who will SAVE the kitties? Nothing says you have to hurt the kitties you breed.

can i build sims like torture rooms? Because that would be cool.


Because, honestly, that description reminds me a lot of the kinds of things that happened to 'Norns' from the creatures series of games.

This, so much. From the description and screenie it looks like Creatures: cat edition.

That sounds like an interesting game, can you link me to some gameplay or something? (searching creatures on youtube is ineffective)>

Mewgenics looks like a mixture between Scribblenauts and Dwarf Fortress.

So this DOESN'T have anything to do with the Pokemon. Huh.

That... actually sounds pretty interesting. Although, being a bit of a cat fan myself, I think I'd be driven to tears by this game if I did something that fucked over all of my precious wittle kitties.

This game sounds absolutely ludicrous.

And I'm not sure if that's good or bad actually.

Mew-Genics? What the... Ah, it's a Team Meat game. Yep, definitely gonna buy it on a steam sale, or HiB.

A crazy cat lady simulator? that's just stupid and the fact that you can starve them and watch them figth is just wrong (still, that's not gonna stop me from emptying my wallet in mcmillans face when this comes out and play til i have slowly turned in to a crazy myself. go mew-genics)

The gameplay sounds really interesting but it is so morbid that i just dont know if i want to play it.

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