FFXIV Director: We Took Final Fantasy "For Granted"

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You know, reading all these comments above me really puts me to shame of how fans can be so selfish and out right rude.

Square still develops a lot of other good games, even if you don't like the FInal Fantasy franchise (KH, DQ, TWEWY, Nier, The Last Remnant, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Star Ocean, etc)

They even develop good side game Final Fantasy (Type-0, Dissidia, Dissida 012, Theaterythem, etc). Hell, the company is even taking the time, money and supplies to redo an entire new game just to bridge the gap of trust that it broke with fans. I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII but did not enjoy XIII-2 and now they are making a 3rd game. Am I saying "IT'S ALL OVER! SQUARE ENIX IS FINISHED!!! THE NINETIES SQUARE RULED AND THE MODERN DAY SQUARE SUCKED"? No, I'm not. Why? Because I know they make and publish many other good games that I can enjoy just as much.

And lets not forget the games they published as well (Deus Ex: HR, Htiman Absolution, sleeping dogs, Tomb Raider 2013, etc)

It's not like they don't make or publish bad games either though (Mindjack, All The Bravest, The Third Birthday, Front Mission Evolved, Kayne and Lynch 2, etc), but what gaming company doesn't? The point is, Many gaming companies don't allow such employees to be this personal on a game's quality and allows such workers to be this open with their fans. So shut up and be thankful that a gaming company is willing to be open and honest when they know they have screwed up.

So many publishers and developers seem to have found their marbles again, lately. This can't be a coincidence.

I have a bad feeling about this...

When the next game crash occurs due to arrogance they're hoping to say to their investors "We don't know what happened. We tried to make amends, see? Now can we have more money?"

Lip service. That's all it is.

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