Remains of Ancient Continent Discovered Under Indian Ocean

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Antonio Torrente:
Oh great another conspiracy fuel for Hysteria Channel's Ancient Aliens. Wonder what kind of insane explanation they will use?

Aliens crashed there and the island sank? And the zircons are a byproduct of the impact, of course. Also, they might have tried to bring it back up to repair their mistake (or recover the ship, not too sure here), but it sank again, thus the legend of Atlantis. If you think about it, it's logical. If you really think about it, you'll go to sleep and forget this crap.

You know I wouldn't be surprised if HC decided to hire you as one of their fanfic writers for the show.
Because that explanation makes some sense in Ancient Aliens kind of way.
Bonus points if Anime Hair guy uses your explanation enthusiastically.

Bet the Prince of Orange never expected him being honoured with an tiny island namesake would lead to an ancient continent being named after him as well, albeit a tiny one.


You think anyone stood up and yelled in triumph:


(OoO) *gasp*

Why would anyone celebrate the victory of the cruel Zircons over the peace-loving Mauritians, culminating in the destruction of their very land they walked ?

Wait ... wait ...

... you mean Zircons aren't aliens? Well shit who the hell named `em that. Don't go calling little hunks of rocks something that sounds like an intergalactic empire, damnit! I'm easily excitable !

Good idea.
I'll be adding Zircon to the list of possible names for my intergallactic empire.

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