Sony Reveals God of War: Ascension Trailer and Demo

Sony Reveals God of War: Ascension Trailer and Demo


God of War: Ascension is getting Best Buy-exclusive, Viking-flavored DLC.

With God of War: Ascension hitting stores on March 12th, Sony has put out a new trailer and demo for the latest chapter in its popular franchise. The game has been billed as being a more sympathetic look at the character of Kratos, who tends to be known for more merciless slaughter and gratuitous orgies. While the game aims to show us a kinder side to Kratos, the trailer looks like classic God of War. We get a few snippets of the story and a whole lot of Kratos doing what he does best, brutally murdering mythological creatures.

Meanwhile, the demo, which will give players a chance to dive into the game's opening, in which Kratos must escape the Prison of the Damned, will be available to all PlayStation Network members. Sony also announced new DLC for the game's multiplayer, made in partnership with History Channel to help promote its upcoming series Vikings. The DLC will allow players to bring Viking-themed weaponry into battle, including Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor. It will also unlock unique armor sets that can be used in multiplayer. The Viking DLC is exclusive to copies of Ascension purchased at Best Buy.

I personally love the God of War games. Kratos for me is a personification of the inner toddler that exists inside all of us. He doesn't care about motives, morals or even common sense. He just wants to smash things. Even so, I've grown less enthusiastic about God of War as the series has expanded. I'm really hoping that Ascension is able to capture the gleefully destructive qualities that have made the franchise such a joy. Either way, I look forward to another chance to rip the wings off of some harpies.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Vikings you say? Well that's one way to sweden the deal.

Vikings you say? Well that's one way to sweden the deal.

But you have to go to Best Buy to get it...That's sure to make plenty of fans go Berserk.

Best Buy??

Norway dude... Not going there to shop.

Denmark your calenders for March 12th!

Just make sure not to Nidhogger all the copies.

When I read 'vikings' I was hoping it would be a totally new character but set Norse mythology, but along the same lines as the Kratos games (namely, kill everything violently). I am disappointed :(

I'm hoping for less gleeful destruction, and a return to at least some semblance of relate-ability and humanity. GoW 2 was like, where the last sliver of motivation and characterization died, replaced by wanton destruction for the hell of it.

Are there any gods left to kill at this point?

Are there any gods left to kill at this point?

It's supposed to be a prequel to the first god of war game. So of course the demo has you killing everything between you and the next leg of the linear path, beating the living crap out of building sized monsters, in the GoW standard QTE enhanced, slow motion acrobatic glory. He feels almost stronger than he did in God of war 3. >_>

I'm hoping they return to the Greek tragedy roots of the first game, but considering his only form of communication in the demo was chain blades to the face, my hopes are not high

Wel It would b pretty hard to make im any LESS sympathetic


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